Tuesday, October 11, 2005

battle of the spanish brands

all events this week be damned, and there are a lot, one for each day of the week, because we are saving ourselves for friday when all roads lead to ZARA! (oct 14 formal, by-invitation-only launch; oct 15 open to the public.) when mango opened its first store in the philippines (all the way in robinsons place, malate, where the term jologs was probably invented; but take note, even the ayalas would trek all the way to enemyland just to shop at mango, oye, oye) in 1998, who knew that this spanish label that no one had ever heard of would be such a hit (hello, we skip work just to queue up with the rest of womankind when it goes on sale—50% off!). since then, every important retailer in the country wanted to cash in on its success by getting the exclusive distributorship of that other famous spanish brand, zara. yes, it took THAT long before zara finally said yes to the tantocos, specifically to store specialists inc, exclusive distributor of luxury labels prada, gucci, salvatore ferragamo, burberry, bottega veneta, yves saint laurent, tod's, bally, ad nauseum (yes, they own practically every brand that matters here). we heard from the grapevine that zara was very specific about location (sosi), size (huge) and collections to carry (women, men and children; home to follow?), which is probably why it took so long because they weren't satisfied with what they were offered. and speaking of fruits, we also heard that there will soon be a change in mango ownership in the philippines. well, let's just say we've seen the mango man hanging out lately with... guess who?!

the fash pack loves this coat from zara's s/s 05 collection

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