Tuesday, October 25, 2005

the fash pack forgets

we were expecting a more fancy-schmancy event but the philippine daily inquirer 20th anniversary fashion show was just that: a fashion show. more than anything, we think it was held to promote the paper's beefed-up friday fashion and beauty section, which looks pretty good. invite said 7pm, and when we got there at 7:30, we were greeted by... monobloc chairs. the bar on the far end of the entrance wasn't even ready with the... bread? (bread talk was one of the sponsors.) and speaking of sponsors, i don't think motorola will be happy because i didn't see a single phone. (neither will their country manager because he was seated all the way in the back.) so we sat. and waited. and waited. for an hour and half. all we can say is thank god the collections were worth it! director ariel lozada outdid himself here--he got rid of all the visual and aural borloloy that distract from the clothes. the plain black runway complemented the collections, the bright lights and absence of lighting gymnastics allowed the audience to appreciate the clothes, and thank god the music was at the right decibel level! (or were we just far from the speakers??) and we liked the idea of doing away with backdrops announcing the designer; he made the designer announce him/herself by making the first outfit incorporate his/her name—very cool, very original. so why are we talking instead of showing? because, folks, we must confess, due to the fash pack's negligence (or tendency to rely on other people to do things for us), we came with an un-charged digital camera (insert sheepish face here). so after the third outfit of first designer james reyes, those three dreaded words appeared: "change battery pack." so this is all we have to show:

so you'll have to take our word for it that everyone—in order of appearance, james reyes, joey samson, yvonne quisumbing-romulo, ivarluski aseron and ignacio loyola—presented very inspired collections. the standouts for us were yvonne (pretty clothes with a dark edge; she's a thinking designer with original ideas) and ivarluski (who's seamless combination of structure and drapery commanded a standing ovation; he should've closed the show). ignacio's diverse (to put it kindly) collection was an un-climactic end.

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