Friday, October 28, 2005

lacoste, lacroc, lacroca$#!&

when we first heard the name of this event, we thought it was the re-opening of restaurant 12. oh, we were so sad that we were so wrong. but our spirits were lifted when we found out it was all about lacoste's classic polo knit with the crocodile logo, and 12.12 was actually the code given to the original shirt. the idea was to send out a white shirt to 23 "personalities" and have them customize the shirt to their heart's (or mind's or soul's or imagination's or creativity's or deep pocket's) desire, then auction the shirts off for the benefit of the philippine philharmonic orchestra instruments fund. anything for music we'll support (especially for musicians with real *live* talent, as in they can perform *live*). after being on exhibit at the greenbelt 3 lobby for the last two weeks, the "creations" were transported to the makati shangri-la lobby lounge for the silent auction last night. considering the a-list names on the list, we were expecting a lot and we were kinda... disappointed. as one taray fashion wag put it, "ang pangit!" well, we can be a bit more articulate (read: kind) than that... after all, most of the people involved are our friends. well, since this concept was originally produced in paris in 2001, and thereafter had similar launches in london, new york, tokyo and seoul, maybe our local celebs had run out of ideas. (at least they didn't do what matt damon did: played basketball and sweated in his, then auctioned it off unwashed—ew!) from a fashion standpoint, we really liked the way hindy weber-tantoco maintained the original shirt, but gave it a contemporary spin with with nips and tucks. we can easily wear this with peg-leg jeans and pointy flats for weekends; a black ballgown skirt, heels and a standout clutch for formal events; or a pencil-cut skirt, bolero and knee-high boots for those nights out with the gals. from an investment point of view, we would love to have on our wall anything by national artist arturo luz. here he is sitting next to his very-arturo-luz creation: mr. luz's work was one of two most bidded-on pieces (starting at 100,000 pesos, while the others started at 10,000 pesos), the other one being a chair by lor calma. people's only complaint about it was, how do we wash the shirt when it gets dirty? it can't be undressed! now if the fash pack was asked to design a lacoste shirt, we would stud the whole shirt with the crocodile logo and under each one we would stitch the name of every buwaya we know in the philippines!

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