Friday, October 21, 2005

pump up the volume

last night, the fashion & design council of the philippines presented the finalists for the philippine fashion design competition, apparel and accessories divisions. this year's international theme was "art, fashion and industry," translated locally into "baro't saya and letras y figuras." for apparel, out of 23 finalists, we think they made the right choice in ernesto angeles, jr. called "tapistry," a play on the word tapis, the mini dress was made of strips of piƱa (which is traditionally used for barong tagalogs) and topped with a cropped jacket with full-volume sleeves. the dress reminds us of the post-it dress, which tom ford designed for gucci's fall/winter 2001 collection, while the jacket takes off from viktor & rolf's oversized silhouettes. we picked this as the winner too because it's modern, wearable, international, and managed to incorporate filipino elements without being costumey. out of 14 finalists, we also picked the accessories winner yvonne quisumbing-romulo, an artist/designer who's been getting a lot of attention lately. her "cocoons" was a witty take on a hood that extended into a couple of bulbous-shaped bags, which resembled water-filled balloons, one on each end. she says the headpiece/bag was inspired by terratology, which if you google, will tell you is the science of monsters. well, it did kinda look like the bulbs were the model's ears, which had been stretched out due to wearing 20-pound chandelier earrings everyday.

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