Wednesday, October 12, 2005

you think the boy would've learned by now

back in the mid-80s, the fash pack was in the bay area, california with two tickets to a culture club concert. we held on to those tickets for weeks, counting the days before boy george arrived. and wouldn't you know it, the concert was cancelled because the day boy george arrived, he was caught in the airport with heroin! he was deported and considered persona non grata in the US for like 20 years. now he has blown (pun not intended) it once again. you'd think he'd learn from kate moss. when boy george was in manila last may for his flop DJ-ing event (not his fault; the promoter just didn't do his job), the fash pack joined him and the rest of his entourage for dinner at sala in malate. can you believe he was booked at the century park and not some swanky hotel like shangri-la?? what's even more mind-boggling is that he actually went shopping at harrison plaza! when he said, "oh, i went to the mall next to the hotel," we thought, greenbelt? glorietta? shangri-la plaza?? his colleague even complained of spotting a cockroach in his room. well, of course, no trip to manila is complete without an encounter with a cockroach, just ask claire danes. so anyway, there we were, about a dozen starstruck ex-wavers, hanging on to george's (that's what he said we should call him, not mr. george) every word, and every 20 minutes, he would get up and go to the bathroom. by the fifth time, inis na kami ha, not because he kept leaving, pero kasi hindi nag-share! haha!

boy george in sala, malate, manila, philippines, 09. may 2005


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

he was also in singapore and that too was a flop. forget about his one really cared. i'm sorry but boy oh Boy is going down! and despite having enjoyed some of his culture club moments when i was barely out of grade school...he's a very very sad and pathetic figure.