Wednesday, November 30, 2005

any guesses where the fash pack is?

UPDATE: anonymous, anonymous and kai all guessed right: these were all shot in spain! specifically, madrid. the starbucks and franck provost are both in the chueca district, which used to be a dangerous part of town, but thanks to the "velvet mafia" (a.k.a. the gay community), it is now a hip, happening neighborhood with lots of chic boutiques, funky cafés and bars, and shawarma eateries, we noticed. H&M and that versace billboard covering a building are both on gran via, which we like to call the broadway of madrid because that's where you find all the theaters and cinemas. while we there, "mamma mia!" was the big hit.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

let's add some culture into our lives, shall we?

françois boucher, "the triumph of venus," 1740, oil on canvas

UPDATE: françois boucher (1703-1770) is a french painter and one of the most important from the rococo period. the painting above is one of several versions of "the triumph of venus," the most famous of which is housed at the nationalmuseum in stockholm, sweden. the one we saw was part of the personal collection of a private citizen in madrid, spain.

Monday, November 28, 2005

this is spring two-oh-oh-six

is it winter, spring, summer or fall? if you're in the philippines you can never can tell. that's because we don't have seasons (wet and dry? fuhgedaboutit! it's almost december and we're stil being hit by typhoons! brides are beginning to worry...) at the metrowear fashion show last friday, though, it was looking a lot like spring 2006, the season for which 19 designers were presenting, but we're willing to bet our puddle-soaked flight boots that these clothes are going to see the light of day (or rather the twinkle of tivoli lights) even before the first christmas gift has been exchanged. bring on the holiday parties! here's a little preview of what the left-to-rights in maurice's column will be wearing (click, the better to see them, my dear):
JC buendia


tippi ocampo

rhett eala

rajo laurel

randy ortiz

jun escario

oj hofer

jesus lloren

frederick peralta

dennis lustico

arcy gayatin

anthony nocom

philip rodriguez

mike de la rosa

lulu tan gan

efren ocampo

cesar gaupo

auggie cordero

Friday, November 25, 2005

it's like the mothership is calling us home

UPDATE: zara in madrid is like starbucks in seattle. meaning, you're never far from one. this particular one is on calle princesa—this street has three zara stores including the new flagship (not the one above), which has six (!) floors, including zara home, which we don't have in manila. a glimpse of what we're missing in manila:

Thursday, November 24, 2005

things to do for the rest of the week

nov 25, 7pm: metrowear fashion show - rockwell tent
nov 26, 10am-5pm: designer soirée (sale of 50 designer brands) - 3f, social hall B, one roxas triangle, paseo de roxas, makati city
nov 26, 4-7pm: luxasia sale (phytomer, nuxe, vie, fleurs) - #4 40 solar st., bel-air III, makati city
nov 26-27: frequent shoppers plus (FSP) sale - all rustan's branches
nov 30, 6pm: cinderella's triple launch of esprit privilege card, the newly renovated cinderella, and créateure à la mode (or CAM exclusive collections for cinderella by kate torralba, tippi ocampo, LZ punzalan, reian mata, irene pineda) - cinderella, SM megamall A

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

where in the world is the fash pack?

for the next couple of weeks, the fash pack is going to be all over the place! can you guess where we are now?

UPDATE: these are traditional wooden shoes worn by dutch farmers and found in every souvenir shop in holland. we didn't actually go to the netherlands, but we did have a two-hour stopover at the schipol airport in amsterdam.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

the coat of many prices

the low temps this past week made us feel that christmas was fast approaching. which meant it was time to shop for a coat (naks, feeling winter talaga). mango and zara have a lot of moderately priced coats, but not in moderate-weight materials. those heavy wools and extra linings are meant for hardcore winter wonderlands. we were in search for something lighter for our faux-fall fashion wardrobe—something in cotton, with a whimsical print, and in a hip-length. we found it—in two different stores in shangri-la plaza! the exact same coat, available in two colors (a light taupe and a dusty rose), but with one big difference. actually about a thousand. spot the difference:
brand: wildflower
location: the ramp, crossings department store
price: P2000

brand: folded & hung
location: the 5th (level 5, shangri-la plaza)
price: P999

any guesses which one we'll be buying???

Monday, November 21, 2005

harping bazaars

over the weekend, we decided to skip the malls and opted instead for bazaars for our christmas shopping. the future of shopping in manila is bazaars. every year, the choices just keep getting better and better, and the local talent is just bursting with creativity! but of course, if you go to the annual christmas bazaars with the veteran vendors, you're bound to bump into the same stuff, at the same location. which can be okay because the old reliables will be there if you need them. like karl edward at NBC tent, we know exactly where to go if we want those lilly pulitzer dresses, those gap and old navy overruns, those ethnic handicrafts, those beaded handbags, those home decors on sale, those empanadas and ensaymadas, and yes, even those darling doggy dresses! bazaar skeds we have listed so far (check here for updates; dates subject to change):
nov 22: world trade center
nov 25-27: world trade center
nov 26-27: le pavilion
nov 27: intercon
nov 30: intercon
dec 2-4: world trade center
dec 3-4: NBC tent
dec 3-4: christ the king, greenmeadows
dec 3-4: wack wack golf & country club
dec 3-4: valle verde 5 covered courts
dec 3-4: cuenca covered court, ayala alabang village
dec 4: intercon
dec 6: world trade center
dec 8-16: world trade center
dec 10-11: christ the king, greenmeadows
dec 11: intercon
dec 15-16: valle verde 1 park clubhouse
dec 17-18: christ the king, greenmeadows
dec 18: intercon
dec 21-23: world trade center
oct 29-jan 31: jupiter night market (jupiter corner reposo streets, makati city)

Friday, November 18, 2005

heaven and hell

yesterday we also attended the exhibit opening of designer yvonne quisumbing-romulo titled "infernal desire machines" at the LRI business plaza on nicanor garcia street (which everybody still calls reposo anyway), makati city. (this mini-mall has become home to small galleries, furniture showrooms and one excellent italian restaurant). there was a choreographed show with models, which we missed (oops...), but caught the monstrosities on display (and that's a compliment). now tell me if you don't feel that these, er, things might attack you any minute. they look like giant black pods that suddenly sprouted spindly legs that can stretch and twirl themselves around your neck, and rear view mirrors that can twist and turn, so there's nowhere for you to hide. the girl must have some very bizarre dreams. (click at your own risk.)
to counter the infernal part, yvonne also had some pretty clothes hung on back-lit frames. the sculptural pieces capture her spirit at this time in her life when she can't decide between her art and her fashion, so she lovingly combines both.

the ehxibit will run till november 30, 2005.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

go go guerlain

it's been open for about a month now, but luxasia held a formal launch this afternoon for the new guerlain counter at rustan's tower at shangri-la plaza. guerlain used to be distributed by rustan's commercial corporation, then disappeared from their stores for a few years. now it's back with a more elegant look and a very exclusive vibe (beauty junkies who hoard guerlain during trips abroad are not too happy that everyone can now share the joy!). gone are the trippy packaging and loopy fonts; in their place are sleek gold casing and a sophisticated script. they also carry the complete wardrobe of fragrances, including the honeycomb-like bottles of aqua allegoria. their best sellers are the pair of midnight secret (which you apply "before gimmick," according to the pretty boy behind the counter) and midnight star (which you apply after gimmick, "para the next day, fresh pa rin!"). but our favorite product has to be les voilettes matt touch voyage powder, this cute little jar with a mirror on the lid that contains powder and a pouf, which you just pat on your face for touch-ups. at P2550, it's a bargain, compared to those vials of midnight secret, which cost over 30,000 bucks!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

idol vs rock star

the philippines has become the dumping ground for has-been rock stars (to wit, recent concerts by the cascades, the beach boys, gary lewis and the playboys, and soon peter & gordon?! i mean, we didn't realize these guys were still alive!), but who would have thought we'd be swamped too by has-beens who never-weres? last monday, "american idol" and "rock star:inxs" losers/finalists constantine maroulis and mig (oops, sorry, MiG) ayesa, respectively, arrived in manila (on the same PAL flight, at that!). aside from being on the same flight, these two have other things in common: they both have a significant theater background, they both sang "bohemian rhapsody" in their respective competitions (care to dissect who gave the better performance?), and they both have movie-star good looks (duh, though not our type, bah). constantine will perform tomorrow (live!) at the greenbelt 3 park, mig will perform at the opening of the ad congress in cebu this thursday. while we aren't fans of either, we were hoping that connie would make it to the top three (bo was our boy), and that fellow-pinoy miggy would fill that lead-screamer slot (but we secretly liked marty's english-pop-star skinniness). at the press con last monday for constantine at tavern on the square, greenbelt 3, the tall (six-foot-three and change) greek was more appealing and relied less on his (in)famous eye fuck to charm the jaded journalists (blame it on jet lag). and whadaya know, the philippines has the, er, "honor" (horror?) of hosting his debut as a solo rock star, er, idol. we didn't get to see mig, so we had to satisfy ourselves with cecile zamora and ana kalaw's interview with him. nag-shopping pa sila sa human, glorietta. (man, and to think we were doing our christmas shopping there on the same day!)
MiG at red, makati shangri-la, philippines. photo courtesy of chuvaness

UPDATE: the greek turns geek at the greenbelt show. the kinda chubby (kasi yumaman na) idol, while wowing the crowd and inducing screams in girls (jessica zafra heard it all the way up at powerbooks), fell flat on his face as he attempted to whip his jacket off during the finale. connie baby only real rockers can slide it off oh-so-sexily-that-it-sends-female-fans-into-a-frenzy. practice ka pa. (he could take lessons from MiG who did it like a pro on rock star. maybe he's the better actor?)
constantine maroulis in that darn jacket at greenbelt 3, ayala center, makati city, philippines

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

renaissance woman

that's what celine lopez is. before we met her, we always thought of her as one of those spoiled little brats who always insists on her own way and if she doesn't, sumbong kaagad kay daddy or mommy. well, she is, but she's quite self-deprecating about it; we mean, just read her weekly column "from coffee to cocktails" in the philippine star, where she chronicles the delilahs in her life. she likes to play the ditz, but really, she's a smart one, that one. so she's a writer (newspaper editor/creative director/columnist and published author), model (pepsi endorser, o 'di ba??), all-around "it" girl (oh please can we ban this phrase already and find a new one??), and recently added designer (making good use of fashion school eh?) to her growing list of hyphens. last saturday, she launched her limited-edition line of t-shirts under her label loungerilux at mix, greenbelt 3. (last summer, she launched a sexy swimsuit collection, none of which we can wear, of course, since we don't have the body of giselle). sized to fit her size-0 body, the tiny tanks and tees have gold line drawings of desirable objects like rolex watches and hermès bags, nostalgic tech toys like walkmans and first-edition cell phones, and travel essentials like mini coopers and the concorde, and which are strewn with patches and studded with crystals for that one-of-kind, arts-and-crafts sensibility. the damage: P1899 (may change ka pang 101 pesos). by tuesday, we spotted the tops on the torsos of every style maven (a phrase already banned by vogue) in manila. let the fash pack shop for you (and we had to shoot this quick because they were being stripped off the mannequins right before our eyes!):

Monday, November 14, 2005

monday shopping report

part two of the fash pack's christmas shopping today. second stop: glorietta (again—bitin kasi the last time). three things we discovered during our little mall trek:

1. remember our report about woman a week ago? how the ground floor was was empty? and about the rumor that zara was to take over the space? this time, we saw the ground floor completely boarded up, and had a sign that said, "business as usual pls. proceed to 2nd floor."

upon closer inspection, however, we spotted a zara logo, almost like a little clue or a titillating teaser for those sharp enough to notice or for savvy shoppers who can smell new deliveries a mall away.

target opening date? our guess is, in time for the first shipment of the spring/summer 2006 collections.

2. a new bench publication is out. the magazine is called 87 (1987 is the year bench was established), and this particular issue celebrates bench's 18th anniversary. editor in chief is liza ilarde (former EIC of mega magazine) and creative director is marlon rivera (one of the genius makeup artists of propaganda, who also works at publicis advertising agency). the mag contains articles from established writers like butch dalisay and teddyboy locsin, and pop-culture pundits like celine lopez and gino de la paz; fashion editorials from photographers ronnie salvacion, raymund salvacion and steve tirona; and lists of 18 things from celebs like kris aquino, kc concepcion and jasmine trias. for every 1000-peso purchase, you get the book for free; for 500 bucks spent, you can can buy it for 50 pesos. get this limited edition now; it's available only till the end of the year!

3. we bought the latest issue of US vogue and we were so happy to see another writeup on bea valdes! she first appeared in the june 2005 issue (cover: salma hayek), announcing that her intricately beaded bags (pronounced "this year's must-have evening bag") were already available at kirna zabête and barneys new york (prices begin at a whopping US$1250!). now, in the december 2005 issue (cover: keira knightley), vogue's fashion newsflash announces that the bag designer has moved on to jewelry. but we kinda always knew that was in her blood, after all, the late jeweler fe s. panlilio was her grandmother. as fellow filipino fashionistas, we're so proud of you, bea, parang nasa vogue na rin kami!

4. constantine switched on the christmas tree lights in the greenbelt 3 lobby tonight! wow. (yes, constantine, that american idol loser finalist with the scary-face smoldering looks, is in town for a few days. more on him in the next few days, whether you like it or not!)

Sunday, November 13, 2005

best of bazaar

best booths at the vintage bazaar at the rockwell tent (according to the fash pack) and the gals behind them (go! last day today! lots of fab finds!):
peewee and vicky at pilar
patty eustaquio
irene (right) at irene's closet
astrud at casa amarilla
amina at aranaz bags
daphne oseña-paez
sharon, corinne and danielle at i love you
pazzy at haute momma
liza at L&L espadrilles
kate torralba