Wednesday, November 30, 2005

any guesses where the fash pack is?

UPDATE: anonymous, anonymous and kai all guessed right: these were all shot in spain! specifically, madrid. the starbucks and franck provost are both in the chueca district, which used to be a dangerous part of town, but thanks to the "velvet mafia" (a.k.a. the gay community), it is now a hip, happening neighborhood with lots of chic boutiques, funky caf├ęs and bars, and shawarma eateries, we noticed. H&M and that versace billboard covering a building are both on gran via, which we like to call the broadway of madrid because that's where you find all the theaters and cinemas. while we there, "mamma mia!" was the big hit.


Anonymous said...

SPAIN? haha. H&M!!! i <3.

Anonymous said...

Madrid....cerca de Gran Via :)

Que suerte estas alli . boo

kai said...

my guess is spain too.. :D