Tuesday, November 22, 2005

the coat of many prices

the low temps this past week made us feel that christmas was fast approaching. which meant it was time to shop for a coat (naks, feeling winter talaga). mango and zara have a lot of moderately priced coats, but not in moderate-weight materials. those heavy wools and extra linings are meant for hardcore winter wonderlands. we were in search for something lighter for our faux-fall fashion wardrobe—something in cotton, with a whimsical print, and in a hip-length. we found it—in two different stores in shangri-la plaza! the exact same coat, available in two colors (a light taupe and a dusty rose), but with one big difference. actually about a thousand. spot the difference:
brand: wildflower
location: the ramp, crossings department store
price: P2000

brand: folded & hung
location: the 5th (level 5, shangri-la plaza)
price: P999

any guesses which one we'll be buying???

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