Wednesday, November 09, 2005

comparison shopping

two important events happened tonight, but we'll only write about one, the debenhams opening in shangri-la plaza. (thanks to the flowing champagne at that launch, our brain is a bit fuzzy, and we think so are the pictures.) tomorrow, we'll write about the other one, the shu uemura-motorola-smart infinity launch-slash-charity auction at the loft, rockwell. the debs (short for debenhams) invite said 6pm and when we walked in by 6:30pm, the place was already packed, and store specialists inc big boss anton huang was already on the runway giving his welcome speech. the sooner you start, the sooner people can shop (read: spend)! so what is debenhams? it calls itself britain's favourite (note british spelling) department store (much like SM?). they may be big in the UK (with 117 stores), but internationally, they only have 23 (and the philippines is one of them??). the 100-year-old store carries clothing (for women, men, kids), undies, bed & bath, and home accessories (lotsa christmas ornaments). but what excited us the most was the "designers at debenhams" section. now we can afford matthew williamson, yey! (but probably with a two-seasons-old style sensibility.) let's compare, shall we?
matthew williamson butterfly by matthew williamson
julien macdonald star by julien macdonald

john rocha rocha.john rocha

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