Thursday, November 10, 2005

dizzy due to fizzy

this is the problem when there are several events in one night. last night, there were only two (that we knew of), but by the time we attended the second, medyo, er, uh, *xengi* na kami. the debenhams event had a full bar with champagne (which *no one* can resist) as well as this:

so by the time we got to the shu uemura event, well, we had our fill. so we didn't spend a lot of time at the loft. (who would want to? it was quite claustrophobic. not because it was full—always a good sign for an event—but because of that menacingly low ceiling!) so we just beso-besoed to death and took a lot of silly pictures and drank some more. and, er, uh, what was the event about again? let the literature speak for itself (click for a close-up):

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