Friday, November 18, 2005

heaven and hell

yesterday we also attended the exhibit opening of designer yvonne quisumbing-romulo titled "infernal desire machines" at the LRI business plaza on nicanor garcia street (which everybody still calls reposo anyway), makati city. (this mini-mall has become home to small galleries, furniture showrooms and one excellent italian restaurant). there was a choreographed show with models, which we missed (oops...), but caught the monstrosities on display (and that's a compliment). now tell me if you don't feel that these, er, things might attack you any minute. they look like giant black pods that suddenly sprouted spindly legs that can stretch and twirl themselves around your neck, and rear view mirrors that can twist and turn, so there's nowhere for you to hide. the girl must have some very bizarre dreams. (click at your own risk.)
to counter the infernal part, yvonne also had some pretty clothes hung on back-lit frames. the sculptural pieces capture her spirit at this time in her life when she can't decide between her art and her fashion, so she lovingly combines both.

the ehxibit will run till november 30, 2005.

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