Wednesday, November 16, 2005

idol vs rock star

the philippines has become the dumping ground for has-been rock stars (to wit, recent concerts by the cascades, the beach boys, gary lewis and the playboys, and soon peter & gordon?! i mean, we didn't realize these guys were still alive!), but who would have thought we'd be swamped too by has-beens who never-weres? last monday, "american idol" and "rock star:inxs" losers/finalists constantine maroulis and mig (oops, sorry, MiG) ayesa, respectively, arrived in manila (on the same PAL flight, at that!). aside from being on the same flight, these two have other things in common: they both have a significant theater background, they both sang "bohemian rhapsody" in their respective competitions (care to dissect who gave the better performance?), and they both have movie-star good looks (duh, though not our type, bah). constantine will perform tomorrow (live!) at the greenbelt 3 park, mig will perform at the opening of the ad congress in cebu this thursday. while we aren't fans of either, we were hoping that connie would make it to the top three (bo was our boy), and that fellow-pinoy miggy would fill that lead-screamer slot (but we secretly liked marty's english-pop-star skinniness). at the press con last monday for constantine at tavern on the square, greenbelt 3, the tall (six-foot-three and change) greek was more appealing and relied less on his (in)famous eye fuck to charm the jaded journalists (blame it on jet lag). and whadaya know, the philippines has the, er, "honor" (horror?) of hosting his debut as a solo rock star, er, idol. we didn't get to see mig, so we had to satisfy ourselves with cecile zamora and ana kalaw's interview with him. nag-shopping pa sila sa human, glorietta. (man, and to think we were doing our christmas shopping there on the same day!)
MiG at red, makati shangri-la, philippines. photo courtesy of chuvaness

UPDATE: the greek turns geek at the greenbelt show. the kinda chubby (kasi yumaman na) idol, while wowing the crowd and inducing screams in girls (jessica zafra heard it all the way up at powerbooks), fell flat on his face as he attempted to whip his jacket off during the finale. connie baby only real rockers can slide it off oh-so-sexily-that-it-sends-female-fans-into-a-frenzy. practice ka pa. (he could take lessons from MiG who did it like a pro on rock star. maybe he's the better actor?)
constantine maroulis in that darn jacket at greenbelt 3, ayala center, makati city, philippines


Anonymous said...

Don't believe a word Randy Jackson says! Though he sings rock songs, the Greek kid isn't truly a rock star. He is more geek than Greek by his own admission. The whipping-off-the-jacket action wasn't Dave Navarro-prompted shameless pimping, at least. Those screams-heard-through-Powerbooks girls love Constantine's dorkish ways. Maybe the screams will propel from never-were to uh, somewhere else. Hey, at least ABC bought his Kelsey Grammar-produced sitcom!

Read Mig did sing his own "Bohemian Rhapsody" at the Ad Congress and brought the house down. I'm sure he did. Mig however, he isn't a rock star either.

mrshobbes said...

I know! Constantine is really a geek--which makes him all the more appealing! I think he's so theatrical and even OA at times--but somehow it's so forgivable (or even adorable!) with me. I luuuurve him :) Sorry though if he holds the same pleasure for you as nails on a blackboard :)