Tuesday, November 15, 2005

renaissance woman

that's what celine lopez is. before we met her, we always thought of her as one of those spoiled little brats who always insists on her own way and if she doesn't, sumbong kaagad kay daddy or mommy. well, she is, but she's quite self-deprecating about it; we mean, just read her weekly column "from coffee to cocktails" in the philippine star, where she chronicles the delilahs in her life. she likes to play the ditz, but really, she's a smart one, that one. so she's a writer (newspaper editor/creative director/columnist and published author), model (pepsi endorser, o 'di ba??), all-around "it" girl (oh please can we ban this phrase already and find a new one??), and recently added designer (making good use of fashion school eh?) to her growing list of hyphens. last saturday, she launched her limited-edition line of t-shirts under her label loungerilux at mix, greenbelt 3. (last summer, she launched a sexy swimsuit collection, none of which we can wear, of course, since we don't have the body of giselle). sized to fit her size-0 body, the tiny tanks and tees have gold line drawings of desirable objects like rolex watches and herm├Ęs bags, nostalgic tech toys like walkmans and first-edition cell phones, and travel essentials like mini coopers and the concorde, and which are strewn with patches and studded with crystals for that one-of-kind, arts-and-crafts sensibility. the damage: P1899 (may change ka pang 101 pesos). by tuesday, we spotted the tops on the torsos of every style maven (a phrase already banned by vogue) in manila. let the fash pack shop for you (and we had to shoot this quick because they were being stripped off the mannequins right before our eyes!):


Anonymous said...

enough about celine lopez! local fashion doesn't seem to move on, it just regurgitates itself.

Anonymous said...

pretty shirts, but are they really worth their price tags???

Anonymous said...

I don't mean to be a hater but I truly can't see anything special about Celine Lopez. Of course, I do not know her personally but for someone to be an "it" girl as you constantly label her as, she has no je ne sais quoi! Trying very hard to be stylish.