Friday, November 11, 2005

smooth as silk

man, traffic was bad tonight. was it just your regular friday-night traffic, with some christmas shopping thrown in and some rain too? no, it wasn't raining, thank god, otherwise our louboutins would have been ruined. that's the problem with the ayala museum: if it's raining, patay ang sapatos mo! (come to think of it, that's always our problem with greenbelt in general, once it pours; parang they forgot we live in a tropical country that rains half the year. who the hell designed this mall?? certainly not someone who lives here!) ok, getting back, we were on our way to the silk cocoon show "tapestry" and man, traffic or no, ayala museum is the hardest place to get to, what with the one-way streets and the no-u-turns and the do-we-have-to-go-all-the-way-to-ayala-avenue-just-to-get-back-to-the-right-side-of-makati-avenue-where-fucking-ayala-fucking-museum-fucking-is?!? aarrgghh!!! by the time we got there everyone was seated and exasperated and thank god the show was worth it! so worth it! this was the best we've seen from designer jean goulbourn and daughter katrina (above, taking their bow)! it was obvious they were inspired. the clothes were beautiful, the fabrics divine, the colors so yummy (and none of that dreary black we see everywhere now), and it was difficult to pick favorite pieces because we loved them all! the highlight of the show was when the party posse came on to model. (hey, this was for charity, so it was nice to see a few rich kids do their part.) rich kids + maurice arcache, that is—oh, we love that guy, he's our idol, palangga! he is the model after which all these wanna-be society columnists pattern themselves (kasama na kami diyan!). a few good pictures:

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