Monday, November 28, 2005

this is spring two-oh-oh-six

is it winter, spring, summer or fall? if you're in the philippines you can never can tell. that's because we don't have seasons (wet and dry? fuhgedaboutit! it's almost december and we're stil being hit by typhoons! brides are beginning to worry...) at the metrowear fashion show last friday, though, it was looking a lot like spring 2006, the season for which 19 designers were presenting, but we're willing to bet our puddle-soaked flight boots that these clothes are going to see the light of day (or rather the twinkle of tivoli lights) even before the first christmas gift has been exchanged. bring on the holiday parties! here's a little preview of what the left-to-rights in maurice's column will be wearing (click, the better to see them, my dear):
JC buendia


tippi ocampo

rhett eala

rajo laurel

randy ortiz

jun escario

oj hofer

jesus lloren

frederick peralta

dennis lustico

arcy gayatin

anthony nocom

philip rodriguez

mike de la rosa

lulu tan gan

efren ocampo

cesar gaupo

auggie cordero

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