Monday, November 07, 2005

woman's place is... where?

so the fash pack started their christmas shopping today. first stop: glorietta. as we were walking through the area where they regularly hold anticipated mass every saturday evening (with all their money and sophistication, you would think the zobels would build a separate room for this. even harrison plaza has one, for god's sake, no pun intended! we feel guilty whenever we squeeze through the crowd in the middle of ama namin and the "church" goers give us dirty looks. but we digress), we noticed that the ground floor of woman was empty. there was nothing in there. zip. zap. nada. so we climb to the second floor and everything is cramped up there—clothes, shoes, bags, counters of beauty products—with most items on sale. so we ask a saleslady, "ba't puro sale? magsasara na ba kayo?" her reply: "ay, hindi, nag-re-renovate lang sila sa baba." tsk tsk, the poor innocent gal. she might be out of a job by the end of the year and she doesn't know it yet. there are rumors circulating that woman is the site for the new zara branch. three glorious floors of vast—albeit dead—shopping space just waiting to be revived! or maybe just a couple. the second zara branch is supposed to be bigger than the first one, about 2000 square meters, so that should be about one floor of woman. so maybe the current owners might retain the top two floors. when woman first opened in 1996 (or was it late 95?), we had high hopes for this department store. it was supposed to be a one-stop shop for, well, women, and it just didn't quite achieve that. back in its early years, we couldn't even find a pair of pantyhose (nung uso pa)! and every night, when the store closed, they would pull these heavy tan drapes (which they've since gotten rid of) over the window display, so you couldn't see anything, and that to us is just negative marketing. shoppers still in the mall who walked by the store didn't get to see what sort of goodies it sold. an attractive, well-lit window display after-hours is called free advertising. retailers should learn to use it!

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