Monday, December 19, 2005

another monday shopping report

it was our first time back at the ayala center since we arrived last week. the traffic wasn't as bad as we expected, the mall wasn't as crowded as we expected, the queues at the cash registers weren't as long as we expected (of course, everyone else was saying that's because it's only monday and it was only 3pm), and unfortunately, the choices for gifts weren't as great as we expected. i.e., we bought nothing. nothing! we couldn't even find the right-sized boxes for our christmas-gift cakes (not fruit, thank you very much). but here's a tip for you (not really a tip but a warning). we think it's a crime how some retailers take advantage of consumers and jack up the prices just because it's christmas and they know people HAVE to shop. from something as cheap as empty boxes (at SM, price raised from P19.95 to P24.95) to something as luxurious as prada leather loafers (at prada, rustan's makati, from P23,500 to P24,500). now if this is the result of that VAT scam, we wish retailers didn't take consumers for idiots by taking off the original sticker! hello! the new sticker was so thin you didn't even have to scrape it off to see the old [lower] price!

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