Tuesday, December 20, 2005

fur is hot!

or rather keeps you hot. if you want to resemble the eighth wonder of the world, just toss a fur cape over your shoulders and voila! parang may snow na rin sa labas! it's fun to funtasize, 'di ba? (especially for those theme parties where fur is practically required. what else is there to wear when the attire requested is "russian" or "come dressed for your favorite season" and it happens to be winter?) faux or no, it's a controversial accessory that's sure to get people staring and pointing at you, talking and gasping about you. not just because we live in a PETA world, but also because we live in a tropical country! some of our fab furry friends...
tessa xeng
even the boys get in on the act (bryanboy, that is)

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Anonymous said...

seriously now....you've got to be kidding me! in the phils!?!?!