Friday, December 16, 2005

jet lag blues

oh it's so lonely when it's two in the morning and you're wide awake and there's no one to keep you company but bootleg copies of the new season of "lost." and when you're done with that, you have no choice but to watch TV. so there we were, watching nbc's "today" show (yes, it's on at two in the morning) with guest diane von furstenberg promoting her new jewelry collection for h. stern and annotating what the models were wearing. well, when the first model came on, we just had to sit up and take notice (but first we had to put our glasses on to be sure). was that lucia santiago in a black wrap jersey dress showing off rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings on the today show?? back in the late 90s, lucia was one of the most in-demand runway and editorial models until a car accident, which required numerous operations on her face, arms and legs, caused her to abandon her career. but she made a comeback... then disappeared. we heard she was doing the asian-region circuit, getting a lot of work in singapore, hong kong, malaysia, etc. and didn't she appear on the cover of the asian edition of newsweek (or was it time) a couple of years ago? well, if that was her on TV, we're glad to know she never gave up on her modeling career and took it all the way to new york!

a pathetic shot of the TV. now tell us, is that lucia?? (in the black dress)

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Anonymous said...

Yes that was her. She also appeared in Oprah and Project Runway (in which she dropped out of at the later part of the show). GO LUCIA :)