Wednesday, December 28, 2005

sale! sale! sale!

mango sale begins today! visit your nearest branch: glorietta 3, power plant mall, shangri-la plaza, gateway mall, robinsons place manila

UPDATE: if you thought, as we did, that traffic would let up just because christmas is over, boy, were you wrong! we had to drop by glorietta just to pick up a few things and getting there was bad, but that was nothing compared to getting out! we parked at park square 2 and just to get out of there took 30 minutes! we didn't even stop to shop at the mango sale! (we just walked by and it didn't have the frenzy we usually see every year. well, maybe because it's the first day.) then there's the 1st world pyro olympics happening at the esplanade by the mall of asia site in pasay city's reclaimed area. it started yesterday and if this is a sign of things to come, expect a domino effect of the traffic snarl leading to that fireworks display till dec 30, when it ends. oh yeah, then there's the new year's eve festivities. it never ends!!!

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