Thursday, December 29, 2005

spectacular! spectacular!

if you're planning to watch the 1st world pyro olympics tomorrow night, good luck! getting there will be a test of your patience, tolerance, and plain and simple abilidad. tonight we watched the fireworks exhibition of the US and south africa from the VIP area, and we got there just in the nick of time too. the show started promptly at 8pm (with a 30-minute intermission in between each 30-minute display). of course, we had the help of, ahem, a real VIP who had a car pass and a very ma-abilidad driver. our advice: get to the area as early as 4pm, park your car, and walk the rest of the way to as close a good vantage point as possible. because the TRAFFIC is horrendous (before, during and after). word is the US gave the best show so far, with the UK and australia trailing behind. but we hear that the philippines—which is not competing because it is the host country but will have an exhibition and will close the show before the awarding tomorrow—will give one kick-ass fireworks display worthy of the millennium. some photos, which hardly do justice to this jaw-dropping spectacle:

above, the US, whose fabulous show had that gasp-inducing wow factor, IOW, bongga! (well, if you're powered by GE, whaddaya expect??)

above, south africa, whose show, though decent, was a bit anti-climactic. we met the boys behind it and we mean boys—their ages ranged from 19 to 23! (and we have to mention that south africa has a beautiful national anthem, though a tad too long. someone even quipped, "parang i'm listening to the lion king!")

UPDATE: australia won.


kai said...
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kai said...

was there tonight (final night) and i think it was the UAE team for the 1st segment. they were good :)

the pinoy team however, was a bit disappointing. saving grace na lang yun "floating fireworks" which stayed almost motionless in the sky for like 10--25 sec.. galing!

we didnt see any grand finale (with all participants daw)

the trip coming out was horrible. it took us 2:30hrs from the vip area to edsa/magallanes.