Saturday, December 31, 2005

top 10 fashion trends of 2005

on this last day of 2005, we look back at the year just past and all the fashion hits and misses. trends ran the whole gamut, from floaty tiered skirts to tight pencil skirts. and it's clear which one won out in the end (hello, puson!). here's another chance to look back at those trends and cringe when you realize, "i can't believe i wore that!"
1. boho chic: the most important trend of the year because it was worn by women from all walks of life, by all body types, all over the world. hollywood celebs—especially sienna miller, the patron saint of boho chic—were snapped wearing floor-sweeping skirts, diaphanous tunics and handcrafted accessories.
2. tiered peasant skirts: this deserves a special mention, the most ubiquitous piece from the boho-chic trend. it may have seemed unwieldy to walk around with so much fabric swishing around the legs, but this forgiving cut was just so damn comfortable!
3. chunky necklaces: this trend spawned a million and one accessory "designers." because they were so easy to make, everyone and her sister got into the business of making and selling marni-inspired handcrafted neckpieces made of wood beads, crochet balls and floral brooches.
4. mini skirts: girls just weren't afraid of showing off their pins, especially in denim minis. some got it right when they paired minis with cute baby tees or tanks and flats or flip-flops, but some just got unwanted attention when they wore it with fuck-me stilettos and tube tops.
5. shorts: a welcome trend because it came in assorted lengths. young girls wore hotpants—in fabrics ranging from denim to velvet, khaki to brocade—for gimmick nights, accessorized with dressy tops and heels. for those of us who had to worry about cellulite, varicose veins and, well, fat, bermudas were best.
6. empire-cut strappy tops: this piece just sort of snuck up on us. we don't remember when it was introduced or who brought it to everyone's attention, but suddenly everyone was wearing it—with jeans, under jackets, as beach coverups... we think women love it because it hides that pesky puson.
7. boleros: maybe someone just wanted to save on fabric and chopped the already-cropped jacket even further. this cute coverup didn't really keep one warm; it was really more of an accessory, like a necklace or a bag to match one's outfit. it came in cotton for daywear, and beaded for evening.
8. boots: just because we don't experience fall/winter weather, doesn't mean we shouldn't get to wear fall/winter trends! the boot was the important shoe of the season, and there were so many gorgeous styles out there! girls wore them with jeans tucked in, with minis and shorts, even with cocktail dresses.
9. havaianas: we never thought 800-peso tsinelas would click in a tropical country where rubber slippers were available anywhere and were used as pambahay. and with the opening of the all-havaianas store called all flip-flops in glorietta 3, havanatics can get their fix anytime.
10. zara: another brand that made a big impact on the local shopping scene. mango paved the way for spanish brands in the philippines, but zara was the one everyone was waiting for. its opening last october made other retailers nervous, but why should it? it has become the standard for others to follow.

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Anonymous said...

i'm sorry but i just think it's OVER the top to wear boots in the Phils....unless you simply stay indoors (with the AC blaring). otherwise, i don't even wanna imagine how sweaty your feet could get...EW!