Thursday, December 15, 2005

we're back. ugh

you know you're back in manila the second you step out of the airport, and dangerously maneuver (more like careening out of control) your baggage cart down that badly designed ramp, and then it hits you: that sticky, muggy, clothes-sticking-to-your-skin, sweat-sprouting-from-your-hair-follicles, and did we mention sticky, humidity. and people were telling us it was cool in manila. (by cool, we meant the weather was low-temperature nice, not cool as in, well, but yeah, you knew that.) suddenly, the new knee-high boots we bought and wore on the plane didn't seem like such a good idea (but it was three below zero when we left!). so yesterday, driving down roxas boulevard, we noticed all these korean flags and billboards, and wondered, what the hell happened while we were away?? (we found out that the south korean president was arriving the same day.) other things we found out: "king kong" opened, "pinoy big brother" finally has a winner (so can we now all live normal lives please??), the christmas-rush traffic is in full swing, the incendiary incident at inno sotto's show (nag-paramdam daw si richard tann), garci has actually surfaced, and becky garcia got married. tomorrow we invite our readers to backtrack to our posts starting november 23 and read our updates on where the fash pack exactly was. no prizes, though, for any correct guesses. sowi.

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