Thursday, December 01, 2005

winter na sa pilipinas!

so it's time to put on your boots. hot or not (in more ways than one), boots are the most important accessory of the season, and manila's style setters are never behind. we love the classic look of a pencil skirt with knee-highs, and how young girls wear minis with scrunched-down boots, but the freshest way to wear a pair is to make like santa and tuck your trous or jeans into them. but even newer than that is to wear your boots with short pants (or long shorts, however you want to call them). which is *your* favorite look?

tuck-in like celine x 2

with a mini like joyce and kat

with a slim skirt like carmina and liza

with a formal dress like sigalit and ciara

with shorts (butt-hugging short and knee-length long)

even the kids get in on the act!

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