Friday, December 23, 2005

wrapper's delight

we spent the day wrapping gifts, so we have nothing to post. instead, we have visions of santas, candy canes, christmas trees, reindeer and poinsettias dancing before our eyes. we just learned it takes about 50,000 trees to make just over 8,000 tons of christmas wrapping paper (the average used in the UK alone every year). so either save (and iron) those wrappers from gifts received this year and recycle them for christmas 2006. or save those useless memos and use the back to make your own. copy the prints from these cool samples of christmas wrapping paper we found on line.

bright moroccan (

bandanna baubles (

groovy giving (

christmas wine (

1 comment:

jehan said...

oh my gosh! your blog is addicting! i spent the past 2 hours reading all your posts. got here through i linked you because i want to read your posts everyday!

and yes, why buy magazines when the fash pack can you give the latest on their blog (uncensored pa!)? keep up the good work! and take care!