Sunday, December 31, 2006

top 10 fashion trends of 2006

if last year was all about the boho look, this year was all about the 80s. but no sightings of football-player-sized shoulder pads, thank god. but plenty of leggings, and we’re sure you’ll agree with us when we say, tama na, sobra na, sunugin naaaaa! here are the top 10 fashion trends of 2006. which ones did you wear to death?

1. leggings: it was the biggest trend of the year. it was kinda edgy when the cool girls started wearing them last summer, but by christmas we were ready to ban them when everyone and her yaya owned a pair. best in leggings: astrud (at the shu uemura/motorola/smart/JAL event) gets it right when she slips leggings under a skirt full of holes.
2. opaque stockings: it took a while for the laydeez to pick up this trend, only showing up all over the place—in local magazines and legs everywhere—in the last quarter. too hot to wear maybe? best in opaque tights: apples’s (at metrowear gala) slim black-clad pins are the perfect backdrop for her vintage white balenciaga mini-shift.
3. short shorts (a.k.a. pekpek shorts): shorts were still hot this year, but they inched their way up the thigh, and from daywear into eveningwear, styled with stilettos, sparkly accessories, and attitude. best in pekpek shorts: valerie and bubbles (at the face shop opening). well, hello, who else would look fab in the teeniest tiniest shorts but models??
4. volume: by way of bubble skirts, poufy sleeves, and all that extra fabric pinned, ruched, and draped every which way. best in volume: tessa prieto-valdes (at the vertu launch), who is always larger-than-life, literally and figuratively, thanks to her voluminous ensembles.
5. plunging necklines: all of a sudden, it became ok to lower your neckline all the way down to your navel. what used to be bastos is now the height of fashion. best in plunging neckline: kat (at the shu uemura/motorola/smart/JAL event)—the ruffles, demure full skirt, and bright turquoise color temper the naughty neckline. ah, to be young and have a pair of perky boobs. AND, take note, natural!
6. wedges/platforms: all of a sudden, everyone looked six feet tall, thanks to vertiginous wedges and platform shoes, the perfect footwear for poufy silhouettes. best in wedges: celine (at the nicolas ghesquière dinner) in her exquisitely carved miu miu wedge maryjanes, which make celine’s long legs look even longer.
7. layered chain necklaces: last year’s crafty necklaces gave way this year to gold and silver chains, with or without pendants, in different lengths, worn all together. it was almost an art form to get the combination right. best with layered necklaces: peewee’s (at philippine fashion week) delicate combination go well with her chiffony dress and pale-colored boots.
8. big bags: this year, when it came to bags, the mantra was the bigger the better. it became practically a contest who would show up with the biggest bag. designer, of course. best with big bag: cecile (at the Y style 3rd anniversary party) and her much-coveted goyard jeanne GM. here's a closer look at that bag:
9. oversized sunglasses: a trend started by the olsen twins and hollywood’s zoe-bots, particularly nicole richie, whose image was plastered on every tabloid with sickening regularity. those bug-eyed shades were the perfect way to shield one’s eyes from the merciless paparazzi. best in bug eyes: jenni (at the rockwell vintage bazaar) in the now-classic white dior glossy sunglasses.
10. headbands: a trend that snuck up on us, and now, everyone is wearing them! girls started out tying long skinny scarves around their head and making the ends trail down the front. now you can buy a ready-made headband covered in fabric, which extends down the sides. best in headband: celine (again) who made the hermès twilly her signature accessory in 2006.

(L-R: at xeng and tessa's birthday party at embassy, JM's birthday party at embassy cuisine, nicolas ghesquière dinner at bistro filipino)

runners-up: minis (skirts and dresses), skinny jeans, wide belts, bangs (long, side-wept, full), ankle booties, and fashion blogs like the fash pack :-)

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Friday, December 29, 2006

will the real havies please stand up?

as we were driving down edsa—actually more like inching our way down edsa like a turtle on mogs—we entertained ourselves by looking out the window when whoa look at what we spotted on the road:

a delivery of the "sunflower" collection of flip-flops by—what's this?—havana?? did they run out of red paint or what?? now we've admitted before, we're no havaianas experts, but isn't that their font? a blatant case of copyright infringement, or a tsinelas is a tsinelas is a tsinelas?

Thursday, December 28, 2006

would you go out with a guy dressed like this?

we admit, we don't really know much about men's fashion. we don't know what the current trends are—wide lapels? skinny ties? low-rise jeans? baggy trousers? pointy shoes? color, neutrals, prints? pleats?? frankly, it bores us. but we do know what we like and don't like on a man. sometimes it's all about a total look that looks like he just threw it on and didn't think much about it (it's irrelevant if he actually took an hour to get dressed; just don't look it). sometimes it's all about that one (or two) item(s) that just makes the outfit. sometimes it's a consistency in the way he dresses that you just look forward to it each time (faded jeans? nerdy glasses? an impeccably tailored suit? whatever it is, it's almost his signature). sometimes it's just the way he smells ;-) but we digress... a month ago, the fashion designers association of the philippines (FDAP) held its 25th anniversary gala at the century park hotel. the holiday collections of the group's 48 members were divided into four themes: winter, spring, summer, and fall. but we don't want to go there. so we'll concentrate on the men. and then educate us about men's fashion by telling us what you think...

real men wear pink. and lace and tulle and obi belts... (john abul)

the drab, shapeless suit (delby bragais)

real men wear... silver? (L-R: tony cajucom, marden iglesias, bobby caballero)

for skinny lads only (joel escobar)

shades of chanel, shades of miyake, shades of carmen miranda (L-R: joel escobar, ole morabe, lito perez)

neo-preppy (ramon esteban)

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

cable break=blog break

no, the taiwan earthquake hasn't slowed down our internet connection. we just don't know what to blog about. so did you gals get any cool pressies this year? do tell... (as for us, we finally got our first pair of havaianas. only problem is, they're the wrong size...)

Monday, December 25, 2006

merry christmas!

o christmas tree, o christmas tree...
power plant mall
the peninsula manila
greenbelt 3
rockwell tent
mall of asia
makati shangri-la

Sunday, December 24, 2006

top fashion trends of 2006: vote now!

as we approach the end of the year, we've been making a list—unfortunately, not our christmas shopping list, which means all your gifts will arrive AFTER christmas—of the top 10 fashion trends of 2006. as we did in 2005, the list will be posted on december 31. but this time, we want YOU, dear reader, to put your two cents in. whether you loved it or hated it, whether you think it was the best or the worst, click on comments and tell us and the rest of the world, what you think are the top fashion trends of 2006. vote now!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

sa ilalim ng cogon

do yourself a favor and watch a local indie film. (para ma-iba naman...) check out "sa ilalim ng cogon," starring yul servo and julia clarete, directed by rico maria ilarde. it'll be showing at robinsons galleria cinemas till dec 24. check out the trailer here. a little background info:

SA ILALIM NG COGON is a genre-bending, action-horror-mystery-love story that tells the story of Sam (YUL SERVO), a former soldier who gets himself embroiled in a heist gone horribly wrong. While escaping with the loot, he hides inside a lonely mansion standing amidst a sea of tall cogon grass, and then begins to witness an accumulation of odd details:a collection of creepy photographs; a mysterious, waifish beauty named Katia (JULIA CLARETE) who swims naked in the mansion’s leaf-choked pool; lastly, a trail of blood that leads to the ominous jungle of grasses that surrounds the house. Sam then begins a torrid and passionate—though ill-advised—affair with Katia. Unbeknownst to Sam, he has taken the first, dangerous step to unlocking the mansion's deep mystery and its former inhabitants' dark and disturbing secrets. Winner of Best International Feature at last year’s Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre Fantasy Film Festival in Argentina and lauded in several other international festivals, SA ILALIM NG COGON has been hailed by internationally renowned critics as a genre-defying and groundbreaking work. The film opens DECEMBER 13, 2006, Wednesday exclusively at Robinsons Galleria Indiesine Cinema 8. Tickets are at P100. It is presented in conjunction with the Independent Filmmakers Cooperative (IFC). COGON is directed by Rico Maria Ilarde and produced by Mammu Chua and US-based producer Roger Garcia. Cinematography is by Louie Quirino, production design by Fritz Silorio, music by Malek Lopez, and editing by Ron Dale. some comments:

“Julia Clarete is…the Lolita Rodriguez of her generation.” Erwin Romulo, THE PHILIPPINE STAR

“Yul Servo’s hapless Sam…is a compelling performance.” Noel Vera, BUSINESSWORLD

"Ilarde (is the) true heir…from Ulmer to Corman, from Michael Reeves to Eddie Romero.” Sergio Grmek Germani, CRITIC/FILM SCHOLAR, ITALY

“(Cogon is) a breath of fresh air in a horror scene gone stale. A genre hopping trip into the unexpected.” Pete Tombs, AUTHOR, MONDO MACABRO, UK

“(Sa Ilalim ng Cogon is) dreamlike in tone…We are then turned this way and that as the film blends thriller, horror and love story.” FIRECRACKER MAGAZINE, LONDON

“Sa Ilalim ng Cogon is a movie of suggestions and undertones, half-forgotten memories and startling discoveries.” Jessica Zafra, UDINE FAR EAST FILM FESTIVAL PROGRAM, 2006

"Every frame of Cogon transpires Ilarde's love for horror cinema.” Mike Hostench, DEPUTY DIRECTOR, SITGES FANTASTIC FILM FESTIVAL OF CATALUNYA, SPAIN

“Sa Ilalim ng Cogon is part Roger Corman, part Lucio Fulci, part Gerardo de Leon, and in that it’s unique and strikingly original.” Olaf Moller, SENSESOFCINEMA.COM

“Genre, or the concept of genre, is one of the elements that makes Philippine director Rico Maria Ilarde’s Beneath the Cogon so intriguing—i.e., what the devil is it? Call it Philippine magical-realist noir…” Chris Chang, FILM COMMENT MAGAZINE

Friday, December 15, 2006

we love apple

this was last wednesday: this is today: the country's largest and asia's second largest (next to singapore) apple "store" (not an actual apple store, but a premium apple reseller) opened today. everything—from the tiniest shuffle to the biggest imac—is 20% off till sunday! take advantage!!! (power mac center, greenbelt 3 2/f, former location of kish.)

Thursday, December 14, 2006

metrowear gala

we've been putting off writing about the metrowear gala, which happened a week ago. la lang. parang we wanted to keep our opinions to ourselves. so after reading several reviews in several papers, we just want to share some random thoughts...
ivarluski aseron: reminds us of puzzles and legos

JC buendia: this would've won project runway's barbie challenge

vittorio: we can imagine xeng zulueta wearing this to work (and she doesn't work in an office)

ito curata: pretty, feminine stuff, for when the attire requests "formal"

patrice ramos-diaz & ignacio loyola: a collaboration noted for its vintage (or vintage-inspired) printed fabrics, the crafty handbags, and those shoes!

rhett eala: this is spring/summer 2007

jesus lloren: bee-yoo-ti-foool

tippi ocampo: a trend in eveningwear—pockets

randy ortiz: we always love his color and texture combos

frederick peralta: one of the most memorable collections of the night

joey samson: we like this dress

cary santiago: the most talked about collection of the night