Tuesday, January 31, 2006

l'amour à la mode

last night we attended the launch of three new nokia mobile phones at the NBC tent. the leaf-shaped invitation read, "the nokia l'amour collection, as presented by inno sotto." so we walked in expecting to see maybe a condensed version of inno's show from last december, which we missed because we were away. it was a bit off-putting then to be regaled by a poetry reading, not because we don't enjoy poetry readings (actually, we don't), but because the whole exercise was quite futile. well, it wasn't really a poetry reading, just a reading of a "play" about two star-crossed lovers, as narrated by inno sotto. it seemed unsuitable to the occasion, as readings like this are better suited to intimate venues (we remember those poetry readings at the original republic of malate, where the audience was so close to the little stage, they could giggle or groan and stir up the reading), not cavernous halls like the NBC tent. we cringed while listening to inno because the guests were simply not paying attention and were more concerned with their own dramas. and what the connection was to mobile phones was completely lost on us, sorry. after that, they sent out pretty boys carrying the phones on wooden trays that looked like cigar humidors. this we could relate to since the new models (the phones, not the boys!) are targeted towards the female market. one is even nicknamed the "lipstick phone" because it's about the size of a lipstick (well, a big lipstick). but the best part of the event was the continuous flow of champagne (california brut actually but just as tasty), of which they never ran out. we lush, er, love, nokia!

Monday, January 30, 2006

louis vuitton vs chanel

when the fash pack was in hong kong two weeks ago, we got to check out two new luxury flagship stores that opened a week of each other last december. louis vuitton, which always knows how to throw a party (remember that champagne-filled bash for their greenbelt 4 opening? manila never saw a party like that again), opened its the landmark store with the ultimate A-list guest, the man himself, marc jacobs, in attendance. as well as the woman, the face for its spring/summer 2006 campaign, gisele bündchen. the chanel opening at prince's building, on the other hand, was a bit more low-key, concentrating on the "art" aspect of its store's interior design (they commissioned five artists to create works based on chanel icons). both flagships are located in the central district. both were designed by peter marino (a favorite among the luxury labels). both utilize light-emitting diodes (LED). both have "floating" staircases. both have three floors. both have fabulous façades, which look better at night. and both have the most delicious bags, shoes, jewelry and more!!! but we were on a diet, so all we could do was drool over the merchandise. let's have a tour, shall we?

the front door facing pedder street
the lovely cruise collection
i'll try a seven and a half please
new to vuitton: baby shoes!
wall of sunglasses
the famous bag bar
cute charms in mini trunks
the luggage void
floating staircase
that dang LED staircase that you wanna stare at all day long!

the LED façade which lights up at night
giant pearls made of murano glass by jean-michel othoniel
a very realistic camellia drawing (next to very realistic mannequins) by joseph stashkevetch
moving tweed pattern on LED screen by michal rovner
portrait of coco created with diamond dust by vik muniz
deer made of bronze by françois-xavier lalanne
tower of sunglasses
jawbreaker-sized pearls
classic chanel tweed (and some of them were even on sale!)
limited-edition tweed jakcet, bag and murano-glass baubles, sold only in HK

Friday, January 27, 2006

HKFW, day 4

day 4: jan 20/fri
last day of hong kong fashion week! (and it took us THAT long to post-post about it.) the next fashion week will be in july 11-14, 2006 for the spring/summer 2007 collections. the next fall/winter collections will be held in january 15-17, 2007. (talk about planning for the future! see below.)

brand collections show II:
astroboy by ohya
sister joli

international fashion designers' show II:
eric cheung (HK)
nio lam (HK)
fannie lau (HK)
tong leung (HK)
florence tang (HK)
christie ho (HK)
andy ho (HK)
may ho (HK)
winnie liew (malaysia)
donna chew (malaysia)
lester wong (malaysia)
josephine nathan (australia)
chien chen (taiwan)

and our very own lulu tan gan (philippines) (of course, she gets special coverage! see her, below, post-show. she's the yummy mummy with the long, silky hair, standing next to her model):

Thursday, January 26, 2006

HKFW, day 3

during fashion week, when you walked into the hong kong convention and exhibition centre in wan chai, that was the first thing you saw. it's like some goth-meets-cute, black and dark purple installation, with a chandelier draped with strips of fabric, a deer-like creature surrounded with fabric beach balls, some wrapped in yarn, like the knitting of these figments of someone's macabre nightmare wasn't quite done.

it was a stark contrast to the furry pink interiors of the world boutique, which was visually over-stimulating. you just wanted to stand there and take it all in. in fact, we didn't quite know which way to go first. ah, yes, the wine cellar, of course. all throughout fashion week, there was a wine bar with free wine tasting of wines from new zealand. all wine all the time all free. weee!

day 3: jan 19/thu
international fashion designers' show I:
kathy ho (HK)
kwan pui shan (HK)
andy sin (HK)
ci ci ho (HK)
fiona fung (HK)
ada wong (HK)
maggie chan (HK)
michael chan (HK)
tri handoko (indonesia)
didi budiardjo (indonesia)
ali charisma (indonesia)
oka diputra (indonesia)
muji ananta (indonesia)

brand collections' show I:
sabrina scala