Wednesday, January 11, 2006

mr. blackwell's worst-dressed list 2005

for 46 years, mr. blackwell has been churning out his annual worst-dressed list, a highly anticipated ranking. this year he also came out with a best-dressed list, but who wants to hear that—there are too many of those floating around. the ranking from 10 to 1 (no surprises who made the top of the heap) + his clever comments:
10. renée zellweger: "runs the gamut from kewpi doll dreck to red-carpet wreck... she looks like a painted pumpkin—on a pogo stick!"
9. lindsay lohan: "drowning in grown-up groaners. the teen scream defines 'fashion fright'—looks like she's aged 30 years overnight."
8. shakira: "coiffure by medusa... clothes by the marquis de sade."
7. anna nicole smith: "her supreme court battle proves every fashion 'dog' has their day—unless she's mistaken for 'queen kong' in cheap lingerie."
6. paris hilton: "hot? i think not! the burger-queen sensation may be very rich—but she still looks like yesterday's cheesecake... with a side of kitsch."
5. mariah carey: "fashion's hari-carey strikes again. the world applauds your musical emancipation... but please—leave that body to our imagination!"
4. eva longoria: "gorgeous face, garish taste... what a waste."
3. jessica simpson: "it's time to sack the stylist and divorce the 'designer'... she resembles a cut-rate rapunzel slingin' hash in a vegas diner."
2. mary-kate olsen: "in bag-lady rags that look depressingly decayed—forget the 'accessories' and buy some raid."
1. britney spears: "when it comes to couture chaos, this tacky terror should take a bow—looks like an over-the-hill lolita. from the 'princess of pop' to the ultimate 'fashion flop'!"

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Anonymous said...

britney yes, eva NO! even playing with her on - couldn't get her to look real ugly, but we TRIED!! she always look good.