Friday, January 13, 2006

new ukay destinations

who would've thought that selling second-hand clothing would become an industry in itself? and who would've thought that people who could well afford a brand new pucci would rather rummage through dusty bins looking for a quote-unquote vintage one? (hopefully, not a fake one!) one that's been sweated in, spilled on, spat on, or worse, vomited on—ew! well, we are proud owners of original burberrys, christian diors, vivienne westwoods, guccis, moschinos, kate spades, vivienne tams, todd oldhams (todd oldham!?), et. al, all acquired through making ukay (root word: hukay, meaning "to dig") in the ukay (or its text shortcut, uky—see above left on EDSA). we recently spotted two new ukay-ukays for you to dig through. if you find yourself driving through tagaytay with taal volcano on your left, look out for this sign on your right, the magallanes square, which is right across starbucks. there among the coffee houses and sushi bars, you'll find ukay-ukay sa tagaytay. and the next time you decide to take a stroll through the baywalk in malate, cross the street past plaza rajah sulayman (yes, the one with the big-ass fountain) and aristocrat (yes, the one with the barbecue chicken) towards the corner of san andres and mabini streets, and do a little shopping at marcia's thrift shop center ukay-ukay imported clothings, shoes & bags (o, 'di ba?). ukay na!

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