Sunday, January 22, 2006

one week later...

hello, the fash pack is back! we know, we know, we promised to post from hong kong but with the hectic pace of watching fashion shows every two hours from 11am to 8pm, visiting exhibitors' booths in ginormous halls located in opposite ends of the convention center (which is like walking the length of roxas boulevard), doing interviews, attending cocktails, hooking up with HK-based pinoy pals, endless nights out at lan kwai fong, and of course, sneaking in a little shopping in between, well, there was just no time to blog. ok, ok, we got lazy. uploading over 500 photos a day takes up so much time that by the time it's done, so are we. as in, done for the day. so for the next couple days, we'll be post-posting condensed versions of hong kong fashion week fall/winter, which happened from january 17-20, 2006. but not tonight. we're dead tired. see you tomorrow. promise!

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