Monday, January 09, 2006

the power sale

of course this happened over the weekend, but if the rockwell people are smart, they will extend this big sale till next weekend. ever since it opened in 2000, we have never seen the power plant mall this crowded! even the grocery's checkout queues were so long, we thought twice about buying a new toothbrush (new year, new toothbrush—and we're already a week late!). the underground parking was so full that by 3pm, cars were no longer allowed in—but they waited for free slots! and surprise, surprise, look who was on sale! (albeit only 20-25% off...)

back in october 2005, when zara opened, we know we reported that the local franchise will not go on sale—that's what our source told us. but when the zaras all over the world are on sale, what's the logic in not joining the bandwagon? it's so easy for anyone to hop on a plane and fly to hong kong or singapore, where zara has been on sale since december. so last friday, when the store windows of zara at power plant mall were covered in black cloth, we knew something was up. unfortunately, the discount is only from 20-25%. we don't know if they will have further reductions (the way mango goes from 50% to 70% off), but what we do know is that the sale will go on till the end of the month. by then, the spring/summer collections should be trickling in. for the rest of the world, february is the dead of winter, but lucky for the philippines, where summer starts in march, the spring/summer collections are now delivered much earlier. which means, we can get a headstart on all the upcoming trends—dresses, the white shirt-and-skirt combo, lace/eyelet details, semi-platform shoes, patent leather, wide belts, slim pantsuits, leggings (do we dare revisit the 80s?? but we've been there, done that!), white, shorts, stripes, suspenders, printed evening dresses, vests, chalky pastels, acid brights, and the beginning of the return of minimalism.

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