Tuesday, February 28, 2006

there's no such thing as spring

boy, was it hot today. the weather in manila is so corny. while other countries are still experiencing low temps, over here we're all hot and sticky. it's not even march yet! (well, by tomorrow it is. we almost forgot february only has 28 days.) so while women like audrey below get to wear their mink coats in currently 10°C hong kong (aren't they lovely?? she and the mink, we mean)...

... we back here in currently 27°C (with a high of 32°C today) manila have to wear as little as possible just to keep cool. (hell—yes, hell—we even drove up to tagaytay over the weekend just to chill, and the temperature there was the same as manila! we ended up having to peel off our paul smith cardigan. there goes our outfit...) any extra layer of fabric exacerbates our sweaty condition—collars, sleeves, pockets, waistbands, etc. modesty be damned, we should all just walk around in our underwear...
(underwear by bench)

Monday, February 27, 2006

calm before the storm

not too much happening today. the folded & hung summer show slated for 8pm tonight at the ayala museum was postponed due to "security reasons." can't say we blame them after last night's fiasco at fort bonifacio. the show has been moved to march 6. went to power plant, it was empty. went to greenbelt, it was empty. you know a mall is empty when you can park anywhere you want, and you don't have to worry about door dings because the next car is a million slots away. business is baaaaaad...

Friday, February 24, 2006

tie a yellow ribbon and all that crap

the color yellow used to mean something to us filipinos. now we just think of it as the color of chickens. or maybe a good shade for a coat next fall—a perfect foil to all that gloomy, doomy black.

L-R: ralph rucci chado, aquascutum, pollini-rifat ozbek

Thursday, February 23, 2006

channeling barney

although milan fashion week isn't over yet, it's official: purple and all its mutations—plum, wine, aubergine—is the color of fall/winter 2006-2007.

L-R: giorgio armani, salvatore ferragamo, emilio pucci

L-R: bottega veneta, blumarine, alberta ferretti

L-R: emporio armani, gucci, alessandro dell'acqua

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

new news newsy: big names for big brands

looking forward to the oscars? well, we're looking forward to more overexposed hollywood stars invading models' spaces on the advertising pages of glossy fashion magazines. to wit: mischa barton for bebe (hmmm, working her way up from keds, is she?); the olsen twins for badgley mischka (working their way up from wal-mart!); elizabeth hurley for patrick cox; and dayanara torres for clairol and wal-mart's new fashion line, metro 7 (hollywood ba yan?? by association—>marc anthony—>jennifer lopez). (and currently dating terrence howard, oscar nominee for best actor for "hustle & flow.") (oops, ricky lo just reported that they've split up.) (oh, and don't forget, she was once an A-lister in the local showbiz circle, also by association—>miss universe—>aga muhlach.)... talk in the US shopping scene is the insanely successful launch of luella bartley's limited-edition collection for target. the discount chain has upped its image in the eyes of every brand whore by tapping fashion designers like isaac mizrahi, cynthia rowley and todd oldham (as well as industrial/interior designers like michael graves, philippe starck and rachel ashwell) to design lines for them and customers just lap them up. this month, target launched "go international," described as a "rotating cast of hot designers" for just 90 days, so "get them before they're gone." based on reports, luella's collection might not even last 90 days (till april 30), which is quite a surprise because this quirky british designer isn't even that known in the US. rumors are that the next name being considered for go international is proenza schouler. maybe we'll be seeing 50-dollar versions of their signature color-block bustier dresses... still on that note of big-name designers producing one-time-only collections for discount chains, after the sold-out lines of karl lagerfeld and stella mccartney for H&M, we read somewhere that the swedish retailer is in talks with miuccia prada! woo-hoo! nothing is confirmed yet, but she did admit in an interview that H&M did ask her to do a karl and stella. miu, please say yes, we want prada we can afford!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

project runway

we know that this show has been going on for the last year, but season 1 just premiered in the philippines this week! (actually, it premiered in discovery travel & adventure last month, but we don't get that channel on sky cable!) we already know who won because we've seen one of his prizes: an editorial in elle magazine (it came out in last year's june issue). season 2 premiered in the US last december and the show is such a big hit, that there's a spin-off show featuring season 1's winner titled *SPOILER ALERT* "project jay" (cameras follow him as he puts together his new collection), plus its own magazine called, what else, project runway (which came as a supplement with elle's january 2006 issue; is given free with any purchase at banana republic; is also available on the newsstands, all in the US, of course), plus an on-line store where you can purchase goods by season 1's winners and losers (so no one really loses, huh?). season 2 is already in full swing in the US (so the market must be flooded with DBDs by now ;-) and a winner will be chosen by next month. watch "project runway" on ETC every monday at 8pm, replays on saturday at 10am and sunday at 9pm.

Monday, February 20, 2006

see you at the oscars

this past weekend, we read in the philippine daily inquirer that designer rajo laurel (pictured left) will be walking the academy awards red carpet in hollywood next month! well, not him but his gown. in a collaboration with LA-based fil-am designer david tupaz, the two friends will create two gowns for the first filipino to be nominated in the oscars, pia clemente, who is a nominee for best short film, live action category for "our time is up." after reading that pia was in the market for a filipino designer to make a gown for her to wear on the big day, rajo had the initiative to e-mail the producer and offer his services. you gotta admire the guy for having the balls to do that because he had never even met her! the sketches that appeared in the inquirer yesterday were just the studies. rajo told the fash pack, "the final ones are actually a nude silk crepe de chine empire dress with a tribal ethnic pattern on the bodice using a tattoo technique, and beaded with copper chips. the other one is a deep orange chiffon number with a halter cut and embroidered ylang-ylang motif in gold and bronze." now try to imagine that! ok, now we're hoping and praying that pia wins so that the whole world gets to see filipino talent(s)! o, baka madaming mainggit ha... says rajo, "honestly, this whole experience is extremely humbling, and i take with me all our hopes and aspirations. it's not just me anymore but it's the talent of the filipino. i hope they do not get jealous but rather get inspired to be truly passionate about our industry." well said!
philippine daily inquirer, sunday lifestyle section, sunday, february 19, 2006

Friday, February 17, 2006

marissa's fiber art

yesterday, after our failed shopping spree at rustan's, we attended an event at the C&T (cosmetics & toiletries) department. it was an exhibit titled "the fragrance of art" featuring the fiber/mixed media art of marissa andal. back in the 90s, marissa was a successful bag designer who used mostly native materials; so successful, she started exporting her creations abroad and manufacturing for designers like tommy hilfiger and donna karan. then she got a brain tumor. (isn't that terrible? it's not as rare as it seems; in fact, we know several people who had one, had an operation and survived.) but today, marissa is alive and healthy and happy (she's getting married in june!) and just as creative, if not more. she said, "these works are the result of my recuperation. after my operation, all these colors just started swirling inside my head." there were over 25 pieces on display, each one for sale (priced from around P25,000 to P45,000), and part of the sales will go to the essenses foundation. each unique, three-dimensional artwork has an outdoorsy feel to it, so it would probably look good in a large veranda with wicker furniture, ceiling fans and palm fronds. what do we know, but we heard a foreigner who owns a resort in boracay bought one. some of marissa andal's works:

Thursday, February 16, 2006

sad sale :-(

after the text messages, the newspaper ads, the billboards and that big-ass tarpaulin hanging outside the store, we were like yeah! end-of-season sale at rustan's!!! only to enter the makati store and go, huh? er, uh, dude, where's the sale? sorry, rustan's, but 20% off does not a sale make. makes you wonder if the owners/merchandisers/managers/buyers have ever gone to an end-of-season sale at, say, well, what about neiman marcus in san francisco? you can't get more high-end than that, sort of like the american equivalent of rustan's. at their end-of-season sale, you will see long tables filled with luxury-brand bags being sold at HALF off or more. racks and racks of designer shoes on clearance and all you have to do is pick out your size. and when you go up to the women's apparel section, hell, even fucking CHANEL is on sale!!! we know what rustan's problem is, though: they have no merchandise. IOW, if all the past-season stuff went on sale at 50% off and customers wiped them out, the floor would be empty. but there's good news for the boys, though: rustan's is phasing out a lot of their imported men's labels, so the discounts are huge, up to 75% off. we have no interest in men's fashion, but we spotted a white long-sleeved shirt by rykiel homme go from 10k+ down to like 3,000. now what pinoy guy doesn't need another white button-front shirt in his closet?? go!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

more fashion please, we're british

london fashion week started yesterday. best place to view the collections on-line: vogue.co.uk for the british point of view, and style.com for the american point of view.

Monday, February 13, 2006

sweet and nouveau

last saturday, celine lopez launched a new collection of T-shirts from her loungeri lux line called "sweet nouveau." it was held again at mix, greenbelt 3 and attended, as usual, by her party posse, who were all there to support their friend and, of course, to, er, *buy*. the little tees come in three colors—black, white and pink—with a floral design on the top part and three pairs of "automatic" to which you attach three bows of your choice. the bows are made with silk cocoon silk and a vintage button in the center. when you buy one tee it's packaged in a pink cake box and tied with a black ribbon. cute. the damage: 1,999 pesos (may piso ka pang change ;-). if you want extra bows, though, you'll have to buy a new T-shirt as they're not sold separately. well, if you're creative, you can always make your own...

Friday, February 10, 2006

the *real* city that never sleeps

today was spent going around hong kong before flying back to manila tonight. we took a lot of pix while we were here. just some of the many interesting signs we spotted during this trip...

Thursday, February 09, 2006

prada party

when we found out that the prada spring/summer 2006 collection would be presented at the jumbo (yes, that floating tourist trap in hong kong; pero in fairness, masarap ang pagkain doon ha), we had to ask: why there?? miuccia's current collection had nothing to do with chinoiserie. well, the choice of venue was all about concept. and what a concept! the three-tiered affair started as soon as you arrived at the pier. faux paparazzi behind velvet ropes took our picture as we stepped onto the red carpet and registered at the reception table. trays of champagne greeted us before we boarded the little ferry, which took us to the jumbo. as we approached it, we began to appreciate the concept.
(sorry, medyo malabo yung pic, but we were moving. but you'd recognize that logo anywhere!)
the jumbo has several levels, and we climbed the steps to the main restaurant, but not before we were greeted by this wall:
and more trays of champagne! the restaurant was devoid of its round tables and chairs, which were replaced by theater-style seating and a length of space in between for the "runway."
(parang we've seen this before... oh yeah, it was for the launch of the jumbo in manila nearly a year ago, where they built a catwalk, had theater-style seating and had a fashion show.)
anyway, we loved the collection. (well, truth to tell, what prada collection didn't we love?) some of the important looks: loose silhouette, neutral shades, puffy sleeves, big bags, platform shoes, sagging stockings and leggings, visors, crafty touches, they were all there...

after the show, all the guests were escorted to the top deck, part of which is roofed, partly open, for the after-party. and party all night we did!
they set up couches and low tables all over the place. there were several full bars, which never ran out of booze all night. there were food stations + waiters with pass-around trays of hors d'oeuvres + tables stacked with fresh oysters and shrimp cocktail. and in the ultimate in branding, the rest rooms had bowls of little soaps wrapped in glossy hot pink paper with the prada label. the bars had fish bowls filled with hot pink and black matchbooks for all the smokers in the house (thank god, smoking is still allowed in hong kong!). drinks were served on hot pink and black disposable coasters. and if you needed to wipe the champagne drip from the corner of your perfectly lined and glossed lips, just reach for a prada paper napkin. classy!