Thursday, February 02, 2006

hot child in the city

last night we bumped into another of manila's AWOL supermodels of the 90s, back in town till the end of the month. as legend has it, joey mead (seen here with theater actor/TV host JM rodriguez at xeng zulueta and tessa dragon's birthday party last night at embassy's VIP room) was discovered as a teen while eating at a fast-food joint. joey was best known for her curvy body (she looks *hot* in a bikini), her long neck, her razor-sharp cheekbones and jawline, her wacky sense of humor, and the mile-a-minute way she talks. she has since learned to slow that down since moving on to become a VJ (most recently on "e-buzz" on axn) and sometime actress. i'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of joey while she's here!

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