Friday, February 03, 2006

love her or hate her, you can't ignore her

you would've thought there was a major concert at glorietta tonight, and in a way there was, because sponge cola and hale were in the house. oh, and kris aquino. it was the launch of bench's four new fragrances with kris aquino's name and image attached to them: "baby me", "hug me", "love me" body sprays and "kris" eau de toilette. in the marketing coup of the year, bench has expanded kris aquino's role from just an image model of the bench body line to a full-fledged brand. it's easy to predict that the fragrance will be a success not just because kris aquino has the midas touch (have you counted the number of endorsements this woman has?? just count her billboards on edsa), but because the scents actually smell good! (don't take our word for it; try them for yourself. the light, powdery, refreshing scents are ideal for our tropical climate. we even spotted execs from the philippine office of some fancy french brand sniffing the body sprays at bench, the podium.) in between performances of sponge cola and hale (these bands are HOT. wethinks people came as much for them as for kris. the screaming girls proved that), iya villania and kris introduced each scent, then hosted a mini game show. in less than two hours it was done, and fans proceeded to the bench store for kris's autograph signing, which we had to skip because we couldn't get through!
sponge colahale
iya and kris introduce kris's four new fragrances

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