Friday, February 17, 2006

marissa's fiber art

yesterday, after our failed shopping spree at rustan's, we attended an event at the C&T (cosmetics & toiletries) department. it was an exhibit titled "the fragrance of art" featuring the fiber/mixed media art of marissa andal. back in the 90s, marissa was a successful bag designer who used mostly native materials; so successful, she started exporting her creations abroad and manufacturing for designers like tommy hilfiger and donna karan. then she got a brain tumor. (isn't that terrible? it's not as rare as it seems; in fact, we know several people who had one, had an operation and survived.) but today, marissa is alive and healthy and happy (she's getting married in june!) and just as creative, if not more. she said, "these works are the result of my recuperation. after my operation, all these colors just started swirling inside my head." there were over 25 pieces on display, each one for sale (priced from around P25,000 to P45,000), and part of the sales will go to the essenses foundation. each unique, three-dimensional artwork has an outdoorsy feel to it, so it would probably look good in a large veranda with wicker furniture, ceiling fans and palm fronds. what do we know, but we heard a foreigner who owns a resort in boracay bought one. some of marissa andal's works:

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Miss Janie said...

I saw your link on Bryanboy's comments and and to check y'all out!!

I love your blog and all the fashions.

Keep up the good work.