Thursday, February 16, 2006

sad sale :-(

after the text messages, the newspaper ads, the billboards and that big-ass tarpaulin hanging outside the store, we were like yeah! end-of-season sale at rustan's!!! only to enter the makati store and go, huh? er, uh, dude, where's the sale? sorry, rustan's, but 20% off does not a sale make. makes you wonder if the owners/merchandisers/managers/buyers have ever gone to an end-of-season sale at, say, well, what about neiman marcus in san francisco? you can't get more high-end than that, sort of like the american equivalent of rustan's. at their end-of-season sale, you will see long tables filled with luxury-brand bags being sold at HALF off or more. racks and racks of designer shoes on clearance and all you have to do is pick out your size. and when you go up to the women's apparel section, hell, even fucking CHANEL is on sale!!! we know what rustan's problem is, though: they have no merchandise. IOW, if all the past-season stuff went on sale at 50% off and customers wiped them out, the floor would be empty. but there's good news for the boys, though: rustan's is phasing out a lot of their imported men's labels, so the discounts are huge, up to 75% off. we have no interest in men's fashion, but we spotted a white long-sleeved shirt by rykiel homme go from 10k+ down to like 3,000. now what pinoy guy doesn't need another white button-front shirt in his closet?? go!

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