Wednesday, February 08, 2006

swarovski soirée

tips for the hong kong traveler: before you step out into the arrivals hall, be sure to pick up a map of hong kong—you're gonna need it! no matter how often you go to hong kong, it always helps to keep a map in your purse so you never get lost (and you never miss out on what's new). and be sure it's in english! we made the mistake of picking up a map with all-chinese characters. you can also pick up brochures of things happening around town at that very moment. and at this very moment, hong kong is hosting the book launch of daniel swarovski.

it was held tonight at the IFC mall. there were lots of vintage swarovski pieces on display.

and what launch would be complete without the beautiful people in attendance?

they even had an actual swarovski in the house! markus swarovski. and he's a cutie. but shucks that's his wife with him, and she is gor-gee-yoss. but wait, we heard they were divorced... (asa ka pa...???)

but we can dream and fantasize and create our own little dramas, can't we? as swarovski likes to puts it, it's...

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