Monday, February 06, 2006

weekend shopping report

it's our first report for the year and here's what we discovered in the last couple days (as you'll see, we were all over the place!):

1. will the real horse shampoo please stand up? if you didn't read the label, you might just pick up black beauty, a blatant knock-off of mane 'n tail. at watson's, the original costs about 399 pesos and the copy is about a hundred bucks less. either way, we don't get the appeal!

2. it was our first time at tiendesitas, and we opted to skip the fashion village (which has the usual tiangge stalls you find everywhere, nothing new) and hopped on over to the antique village. aside from smelly old furniture, scratchy vinyl records and dusty back issues, they have shelves and counters of vintage jewelry and watches. they have a good selection of old-fashioned tambourines that our mothers like to wear with their filipiniana outfits, but our best purchase was a gold chain-link necklace by celine, priced at 3,500 pesos, haggled down to 1,500!

3. if you've been to rustan's tower at shangri-la plaza, then your path has been blocked by this big black box as you enter the second (or is it the third?) floor (basta, the fashion section. rustan's confuses us because their levels don't match the mall's. european style sila). we heard that they're building a better shop-in-shop for tyler. either it's doing THAT well or tyler's owner pulled his tantoco strings.

4. kate spade home is now available in the philippines. we spotted these cute espresso cups at the window of their shangri-la plaza branch. priced at 4,250 pesos for a set of four, that's 1,062.50 per cup and saucer—a lot to pay for a coffee container!

5. we know we're supposed to provide your daily fashion fix, but yes, we admit, we buy magazines every month too! and if you want to get them cheaper than what bufini and national bookstore price the international fashion magazines, buy them at fully booked. for example, vogue is only 395 pesos (at bufini, it's 520 pesos), in style is 395 (at bufini 490), lucky 296 (390), and so on. the only drawback: the magazines don't arrive as early as bufini. (so it'll be a while before you see the march 2006 issue of vogue with natalie portman on the cover in fully booked's shelves...)


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Daphne said...

March vogue is P755 in Bufini