Thursday, March 16, 2006

the counterfeit business is booming

today we went to greenhills with every intention of checking out the newly refurbished, renovated, revived virra mall, now called V mall (not to be confused with V bar, which changed its name to citrus bar, just about the same time V mall opened last december. hmmm, could the possible confusion be the reason why...?). for the longest time, entering virra mall was like entering a time warp. whenever we wanted to go on a food trip, we knew exactly where to satisfy our munchies because the food stalls on the ground floor never moved—hotdogs, soft-serve ice cream, cotton candy, chicharon, even kikiam! but after lunch at cibo, promenade (and dessert at beard papa—gotta have an americano with this!), we were sidetracked into the tiangge between shoppesville (another time warp) and theatre mall, and whoa! this is what greeted us:
bagwallet, ma'am! (yes, it's one word, like ma'amsir.) name the brand they have it. they were everywhere! the blatant display and sale of these fake goods were simply shocking (goes to show it's been a while since we've shopped in these necka the woods). out of curiosity, we had to ask. we went for a popular bag: the louis vuitton speedy 25.
they call this "doctor's bag" (which was stuffed full of paper. hello, the speedy is sold folded flat!). the salesgirl even showed us the original design in a clear book full of color-xeroxed pictures from some catalog (or maybe downloaded from the internet) so we could compare. price: 1,800 pesos. when we said "wow" she must have thought we found it too expensive, so she said, "may bawas pa, ma'am! magkano niyo gusto?" she then went on to explain the merits of this bag, that it was "quadruple A" quality, as compared to, oh, the black multicolor murakami speedy, which was only "triple." and as a way to prove the superior quality of the classic monogram, she offered, "ma'am gusto niyo sunugin ko?" ano?? bakeeeet??? "kasi po pure leather ito, walang maiiwan na marka." NOW we know it's really fake. leather daw o! so if you're a fake in the market for a fake, the going rate for a fendi spy is 6,000; herm├Ęs birkin 30cm is 5,000; celine boogie is 4,500. no sign of a fendi B bag yet.

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