Wednesday, March 08, 2006

fall/winter 2006-07 collections wrap-up

paris fashion week, and therefore the fall/winter 2006-07 collections, are over, and this is the fash pack's take on it. yes, folks, the 90s are back. not a literal interpretation, mind you, but rather the spirit of that decade. but whichever way you wore it back then, you're bound to get it right this time (albeit updated with luxe fabrics, precise cuts and personalized details). the early 90s were all about grunge (you know, that seattle phenomenon where young garage band members and their groupies wore thrifted flannel, denim, and floral frocks in a so-cool-but-they-pretended-not-to-care jumble), while the latter half was all about minimalism (streamlined jackets, trousers and tops with no interesting detail whatsoever). but before you rummage through to the back of your closet or open those bauls in the attic, take a cue from that genius american in paris, marc jacobs. his collection for louis vuitton wrapped up paris fashion week last sunday, and all you have to do is look at that collection and know that the f/w 06-07 trends can be summed up in one word: volume. IOW, the bigger the better. everything was huge and over-sized to the point of exaggeration, but this was only to point out which direction silhouettes will be going in the seasons to come. it's a trick designers use to train the eye and to make the end customer get used to something that may seem shocking at first (case in point, remember the first time alexander mcqueen introduced "bumsters" in 1996? shocking then; over-exposed—literally—now). marc jacobs's collections, both for his eponymous line and for louis vuitton, are always the most anticipated, and are considered the directive designer labels which will establish the trends for the next season (along with prada, gucci and ysl in the days of tom ford, balenciaga, christian dior and chanel). here's what's going to be "big" (all from louis vuitton by marc jacobs):
big hat
big logo
big bag. big speedy—in metallic silver! first spotted in a keepall at the landmark, hong kong store, but that wasn't even real, it was a 100-pound sculpture (by artist sylvie fleury)! look (click to enlarge):
big brooch
big pearls
big pants
big vest
big sweater
big pockets
big cardigan


cecile said...

those speedys in HK were real.
love those big hats

the fash pack said...

sorry, we just updated our post. the keepalls and speedys on display were all real, tracing the different versions through the years, except the silver one. it was a hint of things to come...

Anonymous said...

sylvie fleury. you forgot an i.
--ex-associate editor ;-)

the fash pack said...

oops, you're right, it's edit time! thanks for proofreading, ex-associate editor