Friday, March 17, 2006

the fash cam: denim minis

it's been a while since we last posted pix of local fashionistas in their cute little outfits. the last time was winter; now that it's summer, it's a good time as any to put on that hot-weather staple, denim miniskirts. well, in these parts, it's an all-year, all-hours staple. check out the many ways to wear them:
jenni updates last summer's ubiquitous flippy mini with this season's menswear vibe—take note of the black-on-black four-in-hand.
leica dresses it up for an evening cocktail with a one-of-a-kind asymmetrical top and strappy heels.
these gals tone down the inherent sexiness of a mini by donning geeky glasses (but we don't think they fooled any guys at embassy that night ;-)
this is a very supermodel-on-her-off-hours look. we love the way ria just put everything together without worrying if they look good together, because they do—from the porkpie hat to the swirly-print slingbacks to the snakeskin clutch.
give a classic denim-and-white-shirt combo an edge with metallic silver accessories—check out the designer purse, the stiletto mules and the cocktail ring.
and of course, the best accessory is always a hot guy!

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