Friday, March 31, 2006

red-hot night, part 2

so many parties, so little brain cells left to kill with all this binge drinking! last wednesday night was capped with the launch of absolut raspberri. it's the seventh variant from our favorite vodka and after a taste of the juice from the attractive red bottle, well, we just might replace our current fave flave, kurrant. it was held at the tree, which is located at bonifacio global city. with the way the place was dressed up, we didn't know if the tree was an actual establishment or an actual tree. the open-air affair was closed off by red walls, and had several air-conditioned red tents with red sofas, bars and mini stages scattered throughout, as well as a main one where the dawn was performing when we arrived. and since attire required was "rebellious red", a lot of, er, interesting characters came out to play...

and because we went home at 5am and are still recuperating two days later, we're gonna have to miss all of tonight's parties: opening night of philippine fashion week, hed kandi, DJ tiƫsto... have fun!

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