Tuesday, March 28, 2006

swell swag

so here's the swell swag from tonight's event, shu uemura, motorola and smart present "bejeweled":
a drawstring pouch with tiny samples of cleansing oil (which we can always use—it's the best makeup remover), whitening lotion and whitening essence, a mini lash mania kit (talk about mini—it looks like it has enough lashes for one eye), and a lovely little notepad, which will look elegant on any desktop or bedside table. then we got this at the after-party at embassy cuisine, a limited-edition lip salve by lucky luca in a delicious sheer red.
may we say that shu uemura always gives the best swag. what the hell is a swag anyway? well, we just think of it as free stuff (wait, we take back what we said—it's the academy awards that gives the best swag, but only if you make it onstage), but a quick google tells us that swag is actually an acronym (or backronym). well, an acronym with many definitions, most of them guesses probably, but who knows for what originally? some of our favorites: stuff we all get, shit we all get (usually refers to cheap weed), stuff we acquired gratis, souvenirs wearables and gifts, stolen while at gig (yes, we're guilty...), sent with a gift, so what another giveaway. then there are the non-free-stuff-related definitions like scientific/smart/silly/sophisticated/super wild-ass guess, sold without a guarantee, stolen without a gun, still wondering and guessing, slap whack and grab (i.e., masturbate), but the one that made us laugh was slut with a gut! are you a SWAG??

(the full "bejeweled" report tomorrow...)

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