Wednesday, March 01, 2006

too cool for school

we were never one of those people who would look back on their high school days and sigh, "ah those were the good ol' days..." back in high school, we were misfits, definitely not one of the popular kids, and we thought boys were gross. little did we know then... (actually, when you think about it, we knew A LOT then.) so when we got the invitation to embassy's first-anniversary party on february 28 and the attire requested was something "scholarly," IOW, a uniform (!) of some sort, well, we were stumped. but we complied, complete with regulation white socks and black shoes. boring old farts that we are, we came on time. invite said 9pm, so we get there a quarter past, and we don't think the staff is used to receiving guests at that time because there was no one at reception, the lights were all on, there was no music, and well, we had the place all to ourselves. to the staff's credit, they kept refilling our glass with one of the open-bar drinks, sweet sparkling wine (poor man's champagne). we had a rough day and were anticipating another rough one the next, so we decided to split by 10:30. by then, door biatch aslie was in place, a queue was forming, and the cam-whoring began. a faux school insignia was set up against a hot pink backdrop for some yearbook portraits. so we spotted some of the geeks, the jocks, the cheerleaders, and a couple of most-likely-to-succeeds, half of the guys behind embassy: fern aracama and erik cua (too bad we missed the other half, tim yap and jon herrera). congratulations, guys!

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