Wednesday, March 22, 2006

yes, summer's here, but where are the clothes?

last night, rustan's held its annual summer fashion show at the hotel inter-continental poolside (and lucky for them—rather us, the audience—it was a breezy, rain-free night. can't trust la niña these days). ironically, if you go to the makati store, you won't find any summer collections. the clothes you saw last month during the sale? same stuff. in fact, even less! there's actually a space next to H salon that is literally empty! what's going on here? while all the other freestanding stores (local and international brands) in glorietta are announcing their new collections! new arrivals! the shopping institution that is rustan's has been a letdown. having gotten used to the speed by which zara and mango deliver new merchandise every two weeks (sometimes every two days!), the filipino shopper has become demanding, discriminating and dying to get their hands on the latest thing. well, the fash pack can be a bit chismosa sometimes and we overheard that the rustan's execs want to get rid of the past-season stuff before putting the current-season stuff on the selling floor. well, being ex-merchandisers ourselves, wethinks that strategy will turn the customer off because she isn't interested in old things! christmas is over! winter is officially over all over the world! spring has sprung! slash the fall/winter collections by 50% and be done with it! clearance racks at the back, fresh, new merchandise in the front. it's a merchandising trick that has worked for most retailers, especially in the US, yes, even at rustan's counterparts like macy's, saks and neiman. they should try it here. it just might work.
bare vs covered-up
white shorts
printed dresses
fashion show directed by ariel lozada, hair and makeup by patrick rosas, styled by james reyes

ps: then of course, there was bryanboy's birthday party (a joint celebration with cosmopolitan editor in chief ianne evangelista) right after, but let him tell you all about it... after all, it's his party and he'll cry if he wants to!


Anonymous said...

don't they realize that displaying s/s stuff will entice shoppers to come into the store? and who knows, maybe pick up a last season item, which should be slashed by 70% by now! in europe, store windows have been displaying s/s stuff since the winter sales in early january. i think it's disgraceful that the rustan's is making their customers pay for their lack of marketing strategy, and outright greed.

Anonymous said...

Rustan's is stuck in a vicious cycle of ineptitude that begins at the very top of the organization. I know - I worked there. :)

Anonymous said...

corrrrrrrect! i still always find myself inside rustan's--hoping to find something nice to buy or dream about at night. but it's been a long, long, long time since i last saw anything there that screamed at me.

come on, rustan's....don't keep us disappointed for too long. while it's true that habits are hard to's easy to replace them with other, more potent addictions. heh, heh

blaire said...

but everyone's been talking about how rustans is losing money like whoa. thats probably why they dont have the new stuff out and all the old crap in the clearance bins in saks, neiman, and macys/nordstrom is still on the floor. same with mix...they were selling a nanette lepore coat for more than the full price when it was already on the 50 off rack in neiman. i saw them in both stores. ridiculous.