Thursday, March 23, 2006

zara opens in glorietta

remember when we first spotted the zara sign in glorietta last november? well, today they finally tore down the black boards and opened their doors at the location formerly known as woman's ground floor. there was not much fanfare, unlike last year's power plant opening, just a handful of guests and press and a mini fashion show inside the store (siguro naubos na ang budget sa pag-gawa ng store, haha!). unless of course, they plan to have a grand launch eventually. a long time ago in a shopping center far, far away from our consciousness, the area where woman is now used to be a strip mall called north mall. if you are in your 20s and below, you probably won't remember. this was when glorietta was still known as quad (1, 2, 3 and 4), and the glorietta activity center was an open-air plaza where concerts and events were held, and makati supermart was still in makati (now it's in alabang, go figure). north mall had fairmart, cinderella, national bookstore and a fast food (was it mcdonald's?). the owners of fairmart (who are the same owners of woman) supposedly have the lease on that land for like a hundred years or something, so technically, they still own that part of glorietta (or something like that, we don't know the legalese). to make a long story short, rumors are rife that the woman/fairmart people are part owners of zara in glorietta (along with store specialists inc or SSI). are you still with us so far? fairmart also owned the lease on greenbelt shopping plaza, which is why ayala land could not tear down that eyesore for the longest time, but the lease recently expired and ayala wasted no time in demolishing it to make way for greenbelt 5 (which we heard will have an all-filipino-designer section with the likes of rajo laurel, randy ortiz and the YDG opening up there by next year; we shall see if ayala will stick to that concept...).


Anonymous said...

heh, mall history. interesting especially because i know those stores/malls you mentioned. (did i just give my age away--thirtysomething!) anyway, just to add to the ancient map of glorietta that you started out, where park square 2 (parking building between landmark & anson's) now stands used to be pancake house, happy feet, and jazzie. am i right? i was around 7 or 8y.o. then...just for the record. :-) corrections to my geography & subtraction are most welcome.

the fash pack said...

ooh jazzie, that used to be our favorite brand! if WE remember correctly, happy feet and pancake house used to be in a little shopping arcade (that's what they were called back then) where part of landmark is now. then across from that was another shopping arcade where jazzie was. it also had a bookstore called erehwon (nowhere spelled backwards). anyone remember that??