Friday, April 28, 2006

days of wine... and more wine

wherever there's a wine tasting you can be sure the fash pack is there. and wherever there is a wine club, we want to be members. and whenever we're offered a glass of wine, we never say no! so of course we were at this event tonight. we like wine depot because they sell cheap good wine. wait, we better rephrase that: they sell pretty decent wines at pretty affordable prices. at the back of their branch along zuellig loop, makati city, they have a temperature-controlled room with all the fancy, pricey old-world wines, but the front has the stuff we can afford. so if you're in the market for cases of reds and whites because you're having a party, wedding, anniversary, or just like to have a glass every night with your dinner, this is the place to buy 'em! their best-seller is butterfly ridge, an easy-to-drink australian wine, which is available in two reds (shiraz cabernet, merlot cabernet) and three whites (colombard chardonnay, riesling, spaetlese lexia). the best part? they each cost 205 bucks! pesos! cheap!

next month, wine depot is having a wine dinner at the fireplace at the new hyatt hotel & casino. click pic to read or visit their website for details. see you there! cheers!
PS: by june, wine depot is vacating the zuellig loop branch and moving to yakal sreet, makati city.

UPDATE: wine depot has moved to 147 yakal st., makati city.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

good riddance, kellie

this season of "american idol" is the first time we really got into the top-rating show, as in, we watched it from the first episode—from the auditions to the eliminations to the final 12 to finally seeing kellie pickler get booted out! in the beginning she was cute and all that, getting america’s sympathy vote thanks to her sob story about her jailbird daddy. but in the last couple weeks, the whole ditzy act was beginning to feel like, well, an act. her downfall began when she sang “bohemian rhapsody”—come on! she was so not cut out for that song! and those stylists should be fired! they practically sabotaged mandisa the week she got the lowest votes by dressing her in oh my god horizontal stripes!! hello, any idiot off the street knows that you don’t dress a fat, er, plus-sized woman in horizontal stripes, and especially not on the widest part of her body, the hips! (not to mention, spags—jeez, even WE wouldn’t wear ‘em without first doing some bicep curls!) then just because kellie and paris rock it with queen songs, they’re dressed in black trousers, leather boots and smokey eye makeup. oh puh-leez that’s so suzi quatro! what female rocker still dresses like that these days? during american-standards week, they made paris look like a frikkin bank teller in a shapeless suit. is that any way to style a 17-year-old? they should just dress the girls in low-cut dresses because there is such a thing called the cleavage vote. look at katharine—we agreed that that whitney song was too big for her and her performance was just so-so, but she still ended up in the top two, thanks to that yellow dress with a plunging neckline and a thigh-high slit that popped a button and, we swear, exposed her undies! hello, wardrobe malfunction! (hmmm, baka sinadya niya ‘yon…) and the makeup, man… what was with kellie’s weird eyebrows and poufy back-combed hair last night? was she another victim of styling sabotage? or maybe not. now that she was left with the big boys (chris and taylor have done the bar tours, katharine is a trained singer, paris comes from a family of professionals, and elliott, well, he just has a gift), her inferiority and insecurity were beginning to show—and by her own admission! it’s always “i’m saw-ry!” well, we’re not!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

where designer goods go to die

last monday, we had to attend a wedding in tagaytay, and since we left a little early and had some time to kill, we decided to swing by alabang town center since we're never in that necka the woods. and as we breezed through the doors, hello! designer merchandise on sale! SSI has made the alabang branches of their designer brands into some sort of clearance outlets! to the right, there's kate spade with bags as low as P5,000. to the left, there's salvatore ferragamo with rows of shoes at 60% off. walk a little further and you'll see tutto moda. the tutto moda we know in glorietta sells these really cheapo stuff from italy. cheapo-looking, that is, but the pricing somehow doesn't match. we wouldn't pay 8,000 bucks for a jacket with shoulders out to there! tutto moda means "all fashion" in italian and in alabang indeed it is! (but in alabang it could also be "tutto morta," which in our bad [read: non-existent] italian means "all dead". or "all dead woman"? whatevs.) and who knew? we'd been looking for the perfect platform shoe to update our spring/summer wardrobe and there it was in a perfect brown satin loafer slingback by prada, on sale from P23,500 down to P3,000! (check it out, that's less than US$60, woo-hoo!) alas, it was too good to be true: it was only available in a size 9 (our feet are much more petite than that). but there were more! chunky wood-soled platforms by yves saint laurent, wedge sandals by gucci, flats by tod's, all under P15,000! plenty of bags too by the above-mentioned names, as well bottega veneta, plus clothes including burberry, anne klein, ralph lauren and laundry by shelli segal. sorry, we have no pix to show. since we were the only customer, the salespeople were only to eager to assist us and were following our every move. well, go see for yourselves then! it's worth the trip!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

we got this in the mail

Camille's Trunk Show

I am doing a trunk show (literally bringing my goods in a large suitcase that resembles an old trunk!) in Manila on April 25-28, at 835 Harvard St., Wack-Wack Village, Mandaluyong. We open at 1:00pm on April 25 and 9:00am on April 26-28.

My merchandise consists of 85% dresses and 15% tops, all branded overruns of high-end designers such as Anna Sui, Diane Von Furstenberg, Philosophy by Alberta Ferretti, Marc Jacobs, BCBG, Theory, Rebecca Taylor, Jill Stuart, DKNY, Moschino, Just Cavalli, Gucci, Prada, Tsumori Chisato, Chloé, Marni, etc. Sizes range from US 2-8. Prices for tops range from Php2,200-Php4,500 and dresses go for Php4,500-Php7,000. All designs are current season, Spring/Summer 2006 and can be found on most websites, fashion magazines, lookbooks, catalogues & even on the racks of such name brand stores.

Recently, I also included shoes to my collection. The shoes are knock-offs of designer brands such as Chloé, Sergio Rossi, Miu Miu, Alexander McQueen, Christian Louboutin, Marc Jacobs, YSL and Marni, made of high-grade leather and other materials. All are of excellent quality! They are made here in Hong Kong. Designs include ballerina flats, gladiator strappy flat sandals, chunky wooden stack heel, leather sandals & shoes, platform sandals & shoes. Sizes range from 35-39, while prices range from Php1,300 to Php4,000.

Please let me know if you would be interested to see my stuff. Feel free to forward this email to anyone & everyone you think might be interested. Kindly text or call Giselle Tolentino to make an appointment at (63) 917.620.8245. Looking forward to seeing you ladies!

Monday, April 24, 2006

the fash pack makes its TV debut

we've been putting this off but since my co-debutantes, bag hag and dessert comes first, have already posted the nerve-racking experience, we might as well too. (nerve-racking for us anyway because we deliberated for WEEKS on whether or not to go public!) and so it was last night that "ANC life" guested three "lady bloggers" (ew, parang lady dentist, haha!) or as it said on the screen "popular filipino bloggers" (popular daw o!). here we are on our TV debut:
damn, there are those annoying bunnies! ok, ok, no fair, we know you've been dying to see who's behind the fash pack, and people have been asking us to introduce ourselves, and to please print our picture! so here goes:
so can you guess who's who?? of course that's our host on the left, the lovely daphne oseña-paez, who's actually several months preggy, but doesn't look it from behind! the bag hag and the fash pack were comparing our bodies to hers, and we decided, she's still thinner than us, haha! daphne asked us where we want to take this blog and what we wanted to say before we were, er, interrupted is that we want to make this blog a legitimate medium for fashion information, just as legit as any magazine or newspaper. (so attention publicists, PRs, marketing and promotion execs, add the fash pack to your list!) so maybe now our daily hits will increase, and maybe, like dessert comes first, we'll get mentioned on the wall street journal as a blog to watch! (come on, readers, we can do it!)

Saturday, April 22, 2006

today is earth day

saving the environment isn't all about planting trees and saving whales. if you think that you, as an individual, can't do anything for mother earth, you can't be more wrong. a little change in your lifestyle and altering your mindless choices might seem like it won't make a difference, but imagine if millions of other people did the same? here are 10 simple things you can do everyday that in the long run will benefit you, your children, your grandchildren, the environment, the planet, the future!
1. if you're having coffee at starbucks "for here," ask to have it in a mug instead of a paper cup.
2. when ordering fast food for delivery or to-go, just take what you need. if you don't need the plastic utensils or extra chili flakes, ask the staff to remove them.
3. if you're loyal to certain brands of shampoo, body lotion or mayonnaise, buy them in the big bottles. lots of small bottles = lots of trash.
4. when you go shopping, bring your own lightweight tote to stash all your purchases, instead of having each one wrapped in a plastic bag. or if your purchase is tiny, just toss it into your purse.
5. never never never throw your rubbish out your car window! on the ground! into any available orifice! we've seen plastic cups tossed out of cars, potato-chip bags strewn on the sidewalk, and candy wrappers thrust into vases, flower pots and water pipes. would it hurt you to hold on to them till you find a proper trash bin?
6. if you have a computer that accepts faxes, just receive and store them there instead of printing them out.
7. you may not know it, but shopping for clothes at garage sales, segunda mano and ukay-ukay is actually a form of recycling. why buy new when old and used are still in pretty good shape?
8. while we're on the subject of recycling, reduce, reuse and recycle as much as you can. use grocery bags as bin liners. use the back of memos as scratch paper. use your empty absolut bottles as water bottles!
9. update your wardrobe by making your own accessories with found objects around your house. we're lucky fashion today is all about individuality and uniqueness and character.
10. use less water: shut the faucet while brushing or shaving, fix leaks, water plants in the evening, and take shorter showers!

Friday, April 21, 2006

prada's skirts

just like miuccia prada, the fash pack loves skirts. so we are dying to see her exhibit titled "waist down," featuring skirts from her collections dating back to 1988 to the present. the display of over 100 skirts can be seen at prada's soho epicenter store on 575 broadway, designed by rem koolhaas, which was damaged by a fire last january, and which re-opened in time for the celebrity-filled exhibit launch last tuesday. the traveling exhibit has had successful runs, first in tokyo, then in shanghai, now in new york, and it's supposed to go to europe after. so if you happen to be traveling to new york from now till may 31, 2006, be sure to check it out and tell us all about it! (although we're hoping SSI brings the exhibit here. well, if manila is good enough for christian lacroix haute couture, we're way good enough for prada!)

Thursday, April 20, 2006

R.I.P. mel vergel de dios

this morning, we received shocking news that young designers guild member mel vergel de dios passed away. it's always shocking to receive news of someone's death, especially if it's someone you knew, or someone so young and so talented and who had so much going for him, but what makes it so much more shocking is how he died. in deference to mel, his family and friends, and the on-going investigation, we will delay writing here the facts surrounding his death till an official statement is given. all we can say is that it was a very violent and senseless death. let us all pray for the soul of mel vergel de dios. as a tribute to him, we are posting pictures of his collection from the last show he did with YDG last april 3 as part of philippine fashion week (which the fash pack reported on last april 5 in a post titled "the lost files." eerie...). (sorry, the pix are a bit blurry...)

here's a clearer pic. rissa samson, president of PMAP (professional models association of the philippines), who was in the audience that night, wore this avant-garde-ish jacket designed by mel vergel de dios:

UPDATE: from abs-cbn interactive metro section:

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

the fash pack invites you...

… to join the fash pack! send in a full-length photo (or two or three) of you in your cute little outfit and get the chance to see yourself in this blog’s “the fash cam” section! include your name (first name only is fine), where the photo was taken, the occasion, and of course, the fashion credits! e-mail your pix to today!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

the fash cam: white dresses

we were so inspired yesterday by wendy hotung’s white dress by tina daniac, which she wore to the chanel haute couture show in hong kong, that we decided to make today’s post about the white dress. it’s no wonder so many women love to wear this staple during the hot summer months: once you put one on, you immediately feel fresh, look like you smell clean (parang bagong laba—hindi bagong ligo, haha!), and it’s a very flattering color (or non-color) on the filipina’s morena skin tone. the past couple of months, we’ve spotted the little white dress in so many different versions, making it as versatile as the little black dress. here's the way the white was worn:
celine, cathy and michelle accent it with a black bow

cindy, mira and jane wear it over jeans

vicky, jackie and vanessa wrap it with a belt to add shape

even a boy (puey, that is!) gets in on the act!

Monday, April 17, 2006

karl goes to hong kong

the fash pack was hoping we could continue our hong kong streak this year. we went in january for hong kong fashion week, we went in february for the swarovski book launch and the prada spring/summer fashion show. but march came and went and we missed the chanel haute couture show. (that's because we weren't invited, bah!) and the meister himself was there! so taken was karl lagerfeld by hong kong's vibe that he stayed on to shoot chanel's fall/winter campaign with daria werbowy. but look who were there, two of manila's transplanted style icons, now among hong kong's most photographed women. we spotted their photos in's street style section. cameron silver, owner of los angeles vintage-clothing-store-to-the-stars decades, who was one of the 900 guests who flew to hong kong for chanel, went around town and snapped the label whores and logo lovers of HK. we loves it! but we loves it even more that wendy and audrey both chose to wear dresses by filipino designers!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

gateway to boredom

why we decided to hang out in gateway mall we don't really know. why we joined the hordes of cars on edsa, all headed in the same direction (north!), who knows? maybe it was a desire to get away from the city (i.e., makati city) but we only got as far as cubao. or maybe it's because wednesday is our "bawal" day and we wanted to take advantage of the lifting of color coding during the summer months. mostly, we think it was because we were bored. oh, we know, it's because we wanted to eat at taco bell and gateway is the only place it's available. there wasn't anything new or exciting or different at this mall, but look at this cute little T-shirt we spotted at bayo:
doesn't it look a lot like the original logo of the world's favorite computer:
now before mac fans all freak out and declare copyright infringement, this is nothing like the recent fiasco bayo experienced when they were accused of copying the deer, poodle and wide-eyed-girl drawings of japanese artist emma mori. we're pretty sure bayo, big company that they are with a reputation to protect, has dealt with that. this is more like a tribute to one of the most recognizable logos in the world (although apple no longer uses the trippy rainbow-striped apple; they now go by a clean, modern white apple). and take note, bayo's has no bite. but what intrigued us was this:
try googling "bayo" and this is what you get: three entries about bayo, then boom! a link to kamiseta?? could bayo be a victim of google-bombing by their number-one competitor? this is like getting the biography of president george w. bush when you google the words "miserable failure".

(ps: just like everyone else, we're taking the next four days off. see you back here on monday!)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

L&L espadrilles

some people may think our country is so lucky that we get to experience summer for most of the 365 days of the year (we're also lucky not to be hit by traveling diseases like SARS and bird flu, but we digress). so we should all be so lucky that we can wear that classic summer shoe, the espadrille, all year round! because in spain, where they're made, they can only wear them during the months of june to september (in fact, those are the only months you can buy them because most of the espadrille shops are closed the rest of the year). over here, you can get your authentic hand-made espadrilles from spain from L&L. they're made of cotton canvas uppers and jute soles, come in 15 delicious colors (including neutrals like black and navy), and are available in men's and women's sizes. size 36-39, 700 pesos; size 40-44, 800 pesos. you can wear them snug on the feet, or you can step on the back and wear them like mules, as they do in spain. get 'em while they're hot! (for details, e-mail

Monday, April 10, 2006

delayed reaction, part 2

guerlain formally opened its new counter at rustan's makati and launched its new summer makeup palette called terracotta. what's different about it is that they have two shade groups, one for blondes and one for brunettes (which can easily translate to mestizas and morenas, respectively). guerlain also has a little facial room where you can get a mini 15-minute facial for free! no purchase necessary! but the real star of guerlain is its new skin-care product called orchidée impériale exceptional complete care, a moisturizer for the face, eyes and neck (slather it all over your body if you can afford it!), which contains orchid extract (the new miracle ingredient?). it was introduced last month and sold at the introductory price of 19,988 pesos, and guess what, they're all sold out. there is now a waiting list for the new delivery and you can be sure a jar is now gonna cost over 20,000. and what cosmetics launch would be complete without a fashion show that represents the look and lifestyle of its current collection (clothes from rustan's, jewelry by tiffany & co., eyewear by montblanc, champagne by moët & chandon)...

Sunday, April 09, 2006

delayed reaction

if you've noticed, we don't usually blog on the weekends (hey, we need our rest too, you know), but as you can see, we have a bit of catching up to do. plus it's holy week and just like any good catholic, we need to take some time out for confession, reflection, abstinence, fasting, going to mass, doing the stations of the cross... (hmm, looks like we've got a lot of catching up to do there too...) anyway these two events happened nearly a week ago (tuesday to be exact) but we had to share...

when we were growing up in the 70s, shoe mart (back then all they sold were shoes) had just opened its first big department store in makati commercial center. we remember brands like parisian (shoes) and mary quant (makeup), but our favorite was azabache. visiting that section was always magical, it was like entering a fantasy land: the floor, walls and ceiling were all black, but the clothes and shoes were all so wild and colorful. the woman behind it, helena carratala (left), was originally from spain, but settled here after marrying photographer wahoo guerrero and having two children (they've since divorced and she has re-married). last tuesday, at her little condo unit in makati, she regaled us with stories about her days in the philippines back in the 70s, when pierre cardin had an atelier here, and he was assisted by an unknown french designer named jean paul gaultier. yes, that same dude who designs for hermès now! helena was hired as an interpreter for this young, skinny monsieur who spoke no english and she ended up being his fit model. what was he like, we asked? "oh, he was so straight!" exclaimed helena. "his necklines were always so high, i'd tell him to cut them lower, and his hemlines were so low, i'd tell him to make them shorter!" so inspired was he by her creativity that he taught her everything she knows about designing, draping, sketching, cutting, patternmaking, etc. we heard so much about her legendary parties and how she and her friends would all dress up in outrageous costumes, some which took days to make, others which required trucks to transport. fun. but alas she left for new york and manila has never seen a character quite like her again. now she is back and ready to launch mangenguey. it seems nobody knows how to pronounce it, but it was named after an island somewhere in palawan, which she wants to eventually transform into a haven for artists and artisans. in the meantime, she presented us with prototypes ("experiments" as her daughter katya called them) of fabulous gowns and statement jewelry, modeled by her old barkada...
above: mary ann, evelyn and tats wearing the "experiments," gowns with exaggerated silhouettes and dramatic accessorizing. the fabrics are beautiful tie-dyed african cotton with gold batik print over them. the jewelry is gold and baroque pearls (prices start at 10,000 pesos). needless to say, it takes a certain personality to carry these OTT creations off, and these ladies certainly have it. there were also a couple of vintage azabache outfits, but this one caught our eye...
...because doesn't it resemble this couture gown by christian lacroix?? (from the "dialogues!" exhibit at the ayala museum.)

(ok, we gotta end this now. we don't want to miss "the gospel of judas" on national geographic tonight. to be continued tomorrow...)