Friday, April 28, 2006

days of wine... and more wine

wherever there's a wine tasting you can be sure the fash pack is there. and wherever there is a wine club, we want to be members. and whenever we're offered a glass of wine, we never say no! so of course we were at this event tonight. we like wine depot because they sell cheap good wine. wait, we better rephrase that: they sell pretty decent wines at pretty affordable prices. at the back of their branch along zuellig loop, makati city, they have a temperature-controlled room with all the fancy, pricey old-world wines, but the front has the stuff we can afford. so if you're in the market for cases of reds and whites because you're having a party, wedding, anniversary, or just like to have a glass every night with your dinner, this is the place to buy 'em! their best-seller is butterfly ridge, an easy-to-drink australian wine, which is available in two reds (shiraz cabernet, merlot cabernet) and three whites (colombard chardonnay, riesling, spaetlese lexia). the best part? they each cost 205 bucks! pesos! cheap!

next month, wine depot is having a wine dinner at the fireplace at the new hyatt hotel & casino. click pic to read or visit their website for details. see you there! cheers!
PS: by june, wine depot is vacating the zuellig loop branch and moving to yakal sreet, makati city.

UPDATE: wine depot has moved to 147 yakal st., makati city.


Anonymous said...

Ooh, a wino just like me! Now I really want to meet you.

You are right about Butterfly Ridge. It's good wine. Just to give you an idea of how well it's priced here, in the UK, a bottle of Siraz Cab sells in stores for £4.45 (over PHP400). Even in Australia, where it's made, it retails for AUD6.99 (or roughly PHP275). So yeah, we're getting a fab deal at PHP205.

Speaking of fab deals, have you ever checked out the wine buffet at makati Shangri-la's Lobby Lounge? If not, get this, for only PHP515 (plus plus, of course), you get to drink all you can from a dozen labels available, mostly Wine Depot stuff that are priced PHP300 and above! The best part is that it happens everyday from 6 to 11 p.m. (just make sure to tell the staff to give you an 'extended' parking pass, he he).

the fash pack said...
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the fash pack said...

hmmm, you beat us to it. we were just about to update our post and add another PS about makati shang's wine buffet. just another one of our best-kept secrets (NOT! apparently)

Anonymous said...

hi! may i know if hazel h. is still with wine depot? thanks.

the fash pack said...

yes, anonymous, hazel is still with wine depot. in fact, she was there the night of the wine tasting :-)

Anonymous said...

Here's a mini update on Butterfly Ridge.

I've been wanting to post a comment that Butterfly Ridge is one of the few 'affordable' wines that uses real cork to seal its bottles. Others, which are priced even higher, use a cheaper (less, or more, environmentally friendly, depending on how you look at it) plastic cork substitute, which is still better than a screwcap.

Well, screw that. The new batch of Butterfly Ridge now comes with screw caps. Just like vinegar!

The content is the same. If you didn't open the bottle yourself, you wouldn't know the diff. Still, any wine drinker knows that screwcaps equate to 'cheap' wines.

Too bad. It's good wine. Just not as good a value as it used to be. What a letdown.

the fash pack said...

we know what you mean, anonymous, we just bought a new batch from wine depot and got the shock of our life as we tried to open a bottle with a corkscrew! it's like pouring patis into a glass. ang cheap!

Anonymous said...

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