Tuesday, April 18, 2006

the fash cam: white dresses

we were so inspired yesterday by wendy hotung’s white dress by tina daniac, which she wore to the chanel haute couture show in hong kong, that we decided to make today’s post about the white dress. it’s no wonder so many women love to wear this staple during the hot summer months: once you put one on, you immediately feel fresh, look like you smell clean (parang bagong laba—hindi bagong ligo, haha!), and it’s a very flattering color (or non-color) on the filipina’s morena skin tone. the past couple of months, we’ve spotted the little white dress in so many different versions, making it as versatile as the little black dress. here's the way the white was worn:
celine, cathy and michelle accent it with a black bow

cindy, mira and jane wear it over jeans

vicky, jackie and vanessa wrap it with a belt to add shape

even a boy (puey, that is!) gets in on the act!


paz said...

who's celine wearing? the dress is adorable!

lorraine alba said...

hi i watched ANC LIFE last night and was able to get hold of you. ou have a wonderful site..

i kinda like the white dress that cathy wore, with the balck bow.. i wonder where she get that ogh so adorable dress..

MRS. T said...

hey TFP:
love the music on your site, it's soooo "happy!!"
and oh, to answer your question about the fendi spy dated april 8, it's either honey or cognac :)
see you soon girl!

the fash pack said...

paz: we think celine is wearing a dress by joseph, a british brand.
lorraine alba: thanks for the props! we think the dress cathy is wearing is by louis vuitton.
tresor: we were thinking we should shut those bunnies up! anyway, thanks for your "expertise"!