Wednesday, April 12, 2006

gateway to boredom

why we decided to hang out in gateway mall we don't really know. why we joined the hordes of cars on edsa, all headed in the same direction (north!), who knows? maybe it was a desire to get away from the city (i.e., makati city) but we only got as far as cubao. or maybe it's because wednesday is our "bawal" day and we wanted to take advantage of the lifting of color coding during the summer months. mostly, we think it was because we were bored. oh, we know, it's because we wanted to eat at taco bell and gateway is the only place it's available. there wasn't anything new or exciting or different at this mall, but look at this cute little T-shirt we spotted at bayo:
doesn't it look a lot like the original logo of the world's favorite computer:
now before mac fans all freak out and declare copyright infringement, this is nothing like the recent fiasco bayo experienced when they were accused of copying the deer, poodle and wide-eyed-girl drawings of japanese artist emma mori. we're pretty sure bayo, big company that they are with a reputation to protect, has dealt with that. this is more like a tribute to one of the most recognizable logos in the world (although apple no longer uses the trippy rainbow-striped apple; they now go by a clean, modern white apple). and take note, bayo's has no bite. but what intrigued us was this:
try googling "bayo" and this is what you get: three entries about bayo, then boom! a link to kamiseta?? could bayo be a victim of google-bombing by their number-one competitor? this is like getting the biography of president george w. bush when you google the words "miserable failure".

(ps: just like everyone else, we're taking the next four days off. see you back here on monday!)


Anonymous said...

isn't bayo and kamiseta the same? they have the same manufacturers.

the fash pack said...

as far as we know, bayo is owned by sisters corcor bitong and lynn agustin, while kamiseta is owned by husband-and-wife team gunn and cris roque. we wouldn't be surprised, though, if they share the same sub-contractors and suppliers.